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  1. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    that wud be greeeat!! wow apart frm RVD VS miz, miz dusnt belong in the same card as RVD lol
  2. miraistreak's Avatar
    Vince McMahon would also be a good replacement for Punk in a heel commentator role. He could threaten Josh with termination instead of just telling him to shut up like Punk does. =)
  3. miraistreak's Avatar
    Out of the pure commentators I personally believe Josh Matthews is damn good, and he's great at playing the straight man in jokes. Smackdown, being the bigger "wrestling" show should have the best available commentators, and Raw should have more entertainment, thus the dream team from NXT Season 3. Regal is a good mentor type, so NXT fits for him, and Superstars is well... rookie stuff for international viewers now so might as well put the less tenured commenators on, also I just find Striker has gone overboard.

    Raw: CM Punk, Josh Matthews, Michael Cole
    Superstars (International-Raw): Scott Stamford, Matt Striker
    Superstars (International-SD): Todd Grisham, Bryon Saxton
    NXT: Josh Matthews, William Regal (Host: Booker T)
    Smackdown: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler
  4. straightedge916's Avatar
    I would just like to see on Raw: J.R. and King and on SD: Michael Cole and Josh Matthews, because they are funny together.
  5. DXFan619's Avatar
    Chet Lemon and Black Snow - RAW

    Jim Ross, Lawler, and Mathews (Lawler as predominant heel) - Smackdown!
  6. Steve Austin's Avatar
    @ Knox, i thought the same about Matthews, at first he was average but he keeps getting better and has great chemistry with Cole and Striker should definitely be an announcer,he has great knowledge. I don't really mind as long as Todd Grisham stays off TV
  7. knox's Avatar
    @steve austin, yea Josh mathews is pretty good, i honestly didnt like him at first but he's growing on me...and striker needs maybe to wrestle again, dude needs to be on tv somehow

    @gravesismizfan, yea lets just hope that doesnt happen too soon. We need punk in the ring till he's atleast 40...but i guarantee after his career that he will announce Raw for years to come

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