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  1. JalenTigh's Avatar
    I can easily see Christian as a main event-er and as the Champ, but R-Truth is miles and miles behind many other credible members of the RAW roster and brings nothing to the table. I was honestly expecting him to be one of the soon to be released.
  2. supertaker123's Avatar
    i like the fact christian gets a chance but r truth well i like the fact thatt was random i wanna see wat will happen on the payperview
  3. straightedge916's Avatar
    All for WWE
  4. youngshaz's Avatar
    P.S there is loads of matches
  5. youngshaz's Avatar
    i would love all them matches , ive got dream matches of my own as well , i want you to check them out
  6. tad locust's Avatar
    I remember when Styles faced Punk in ROH and they had a great match so it would be really intresting for them to go against each other in there primes right now.The rest of the card is good to but I would rather Joe face Bryan.
  7. randymarsh118's Avatar
    good stuff man. every match would be awesome

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