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    I would have to say Golddust, Bigboss Man and not sure if he ever was in any company BamBam Bigaloo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Desitatta
    You forgot Lex Luger, he would have been great with feuds with Hitman and Yokozuna.
    Lex Luger was World Champion, in WCW. The problem was, he wasn't that good of a champion. People tend to call him a choking champion because when he is on the top or near it, he fails.
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    You forgot Lex Luger, he would have been great with feuds with Hitman and Yokozuna.
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    Some of these guys were world champions in other promotions. However i do understand what you are saying and I see your points about them. Im just going to mention some others. Rick Martel, Brian Pillman, Marc Mero, Val Venis. As far as the term "belts being hogged" goes, in every era that has happened to "define" a generation. Hogan, Warrior, Macho Man. Bret Hart, Diesel, HBK. There are other in between but you get the point. How many times did Rock, Austin, and HHH trade the belt around? Angle was thrown into the mix, but didn't get reconized for his skills until later. HHH was given the World Heavyweight title and kept getting it back after he would lose it. So is that considered hogging and holding others down? It happened in the "Rock N Wrestling/Golden Age" era, the New Generation era, the Undisputed era, and the PG era and many people say it's crap. But it happened in the Attitude era as well, and since most of the ICW were kids and teens at that time then that same crap was ok and it gets looked past just because it was the era that they are so in love with.
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    Great list all around!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renevious
    Hey Knox, forget about these haters. I thought the blog was great. All these people are missing the point of what you're saying. You said it yourself that Heyman's success was not measured in the business sense but in the wrestling itself. I agree that Heyman didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it came to running a company, but the man could put together a product that was awesome. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Paul Heyman put together a product that had a fan base that may have not been anywhere near the size of WWE or WCW, but the fans were the most loyal in the world. There were guys out there who would've taken a bullet for Paul Heyman just to keep the ECW chant going. I admit I didn't even listen to the interview until you referenced it here. Then I went back and listened to it and I had goose bumps. It's as if the man was reading my mind on what would make for a better TNA. He's the one guy who was ever in charge who would actually be interested in giving the fans what they want. All these other haters are judging him because the wrestlers jumped ship to WCW/WWF. Well no shit, I don't care how good a promotion is, people will go where the money is. If WWE would've just supported Heyman in the business sense and let him run the product like he wanted to, I strongly believe ECW would still be alive and well. That's all he ever needed was someone to run the business. He's a creative genius, but he is not a business man. So all in all, I do agree with you Knox, and don't pay any attention to these haters. If they are so much against Paul E., then why are they even reading a blog entitled "Paul E. Heyman: The Greatest Promoter in the World"? A bunch of hypocrites if you ask me, but you post your opinions out for the world and hating is bound to happen. So I say keep them coming. Take care and spike your hair, WWWYKI!!!
    lol thanks alot bro and i tried finding you on facebook but it didn't work...i'll send u my email in a message...

    people totally missed the point. When I said the greatest i meant as far as putting on the best product when he was around and turning something small into a factor....out of all the promotions in the world, he took a philly based promotion and got it a huge following...thanks for seeing it my way dude
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    I wasn't referring to a hater as one who has a different opinion. It's the people on here who are bashing Knox for stating his opinion. If you want to disagree, that's cool. If you want to bash Knox and call him names, that's not cool. And about the violence thing, he was targeting 18-35 males, and being in demographic, I have to say I enjoy violence, LOL. But it's with all do respect. Have a good one.[/QUOTE]

    Demeaning somebody for giving his/her opinion is not my style

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