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  1. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    best Idea for either of them I have heard yet, though personally I would rather see them in a TLC match than HIAC for the blowoff. though that is just my own opinion
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    great idea I love these 2 's chemistry together and no other pair has the same chemistry maybe the tagt eams of the usos & slater+gabriel but that hasnt'been going on as long
  3. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    great blog i rly want christian and r truth 2 go bac becuse they were hands down better
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    Sounds like they are trying to push Kofi Kingston to the next level. Lately he been getting some promo time.
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    We can only dream that could happen someday :)
  6. Theiconsting's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Stern;bt6296]You will definitely get some haters and I'm one of them (for my hatred of TNA, not because of the blog which I enjoyed).

    Unfortunately, that'll never happen. TNA as a product wouldn't work with WWE on any level. The talent, the show, the overall basis of TNA is of a lower class than WWE. Yes, Vince helped out ECW but that was because the core fanbase of ECW were extremely loyal. Most of the shows of ECW were similar to house shows and could only be bought on VHS and it made ECW stronger for it. When Vince took WWE down to ECW's home town, you could clearly hear the ECW chants all around the arena and I've watched some of the matches from that RAW event (you can even see some of it on the Rise and Fall of ECW).

    The other main problem you'd be facing is Bishoff and Hogan working together again with Vince. Now, I could possibly see the bridge between Vince and Hogan being mended but between Bishoff and Vince? No. Along with the fact that Vince [B]knows[/B] TNA take talent that WWE have fired for legitimately good reasons and then pushed them in the wrong direction, with the exception of a fair few.

    That being said, most of what you said about your blog, replace TNA with ROH and that I can see happening. In fact, I said in my #3 blog that I do strongly believe CM Punk will leave MitB with the WWE title and take it to ROH to promote their new show (of course, CM Punk will still be under contract with WWE at the time, to avoid anything happening with their title like it did the Womans Championship on WCW some years back, which is why the Montreal Screwjob happened in the first place).

    Like I said, good blog. Wouldn't ever be anything like a pipedream though as TNA and WWE are too different. TNA is the little kid brother of WWE that can't make it's mind up on what it wants to be. It copies it's big bother whenever it can, but wants to be different at the same time and will go out of it's way to do so (changing it's name to Impact Wrestling, to emphasise the fact it's a wrestling company because WWE said they're entertainment, for example).[/QUOTE]

    Lol Stern you have no f'n clue on wrestling what so ever! How could you be so blind to say that the E has better talent than TNA what a load of bs. The E has been pushing watered down crap for years you clown
  7. Lyonett1169's Avatar
    yeah, i'm a broski...

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