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  1. Manabu's Avatar
    Enjoyable read, I agree with all of the will be's bar kofi, purely because I think he can only work as a face. He has a faces moveset and the whole look of a babyface but I could be wrong.
    I agree about Morrison too though I'd say it's not only because of the problems with Melina but also he lacks emotion, every time I see him or hear him(he's rarely on the mic now) he just sounds the same and can't get me interested. Though if you took away the coat and boots Morrison would be so bland.
  2. Undertaker Mark's Avatar
    I agree with you on most points. I marked out for Ziggler when he took down khali with the sleeper. I think he's ready to break away from Vickie his mic skills are tremendous. I don't agree about D-bryan though. If he works on his charisma and mic skills I can see him being the next Benoit. I think he does need a manager though. I know Jim Cornette wouldn't go back to WWE for all the money in the world but I would love to see him Manage Bryan. I miss the tennis racket
  3. baby-boi's Avatar
    I think you are confusing underRATED with underUSED.

    Underrated means someone who was/is great but somehow goes can't say that about Molly,Ivory or one point in time they were among the top divas in the WWE(from the time Sable left til Lita's Hardy Boy run, Ivory was the top diva in the women's divison)

    Now, I'll agree that all the women on that list(but Ivory) was/is underused....but not all of them are underrated.
  4. Sahu's Avatar

    That was jus a satire man!! I can understand your point..[]
  5. knox's Avatar

    what I'm saying is that the career span of divas are very short. I didn't mean exactly 30 but somewhere around that age where you start to actually age. Wrestling is a mans world. People unfortunately pay to see guys like Sting, Undertaker and Flair wrestle at their old age. But when your a female wrestler, your career is based on looks.

    I mean look at where they found Alicia Fox. They found her from a catalog and then contacted her and made her a wrestler. That means her path was chosen already. If the WWE focused more on female wrestling instead of beauty queens then they could wrestle up until the age of 40 or older like the guys do.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Vince has a bone with fat divas and divas over 30.
    Then Beth's reign is over???She's over 30 I guess...n so is Nattie...
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I felt Gail Kim n Katie lea r the most underrated Divas...yeah Victoria is under-used by WWE...they have concentrated more on Trish....but, still she got her chance to glow...n molly also..I mean, I njoyed Moly Vs Victoria loser's head shave Wrestlemania 20 I guess...

    Gail n Katie were really underrated and underused....

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