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  1. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    I have told you how much your blogs suck when I don't like them....but on this one...GREAT STORYLINE....10 out 10.... It is unexpected, innovative and the most import VERY MUCH NEEDED. As I have said you suck for other blogs, on this nailed it....too bad WWE wouldn't think on something like this and if they do Vince wouldn't go for it. EXCELLENT IDEA AND BLOG.
  2. Holographic_Universe's Avatar
    You should read my blog

    No midcarder or superstar, besides cena and Orton, are suitable for ending his reign, it does nothing but good that he loses it to the rock instead of a lackluster superstar
    Remember his reign is so long because the rock is set to beat him.

    If I had to entertain your proposition I'd say ryback gains the rub, Cesaro is legitimately championship material, or ziggler since he's closer to a breakthrough
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    This would make my day! If only...
  4. Justin23's Avatar
    I have been saying this all along. No one ever said Hogan would turn and when he finally did, it was awesome and shook up the wrestling world! But why wait until Survivor Series 2013? They need to do this NOW and the Royal Rumble is PERFECT! We all know the Shield cannot interfere, but have the ref get knocked out somehow. Lights go off, Shield music hits, lights go on and bam...Cena is standing there face to face with Dwayne. Punk is seated in the corner watching as Cena beats the crap out of the Rock (payback for WM27). Tells Punk who is in disbelief to cover him. Cena wakes the ref. Punk gets the win and Cena finally turns heel and we all win. It's PERFECT!
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    Have thought about this before. My only thinking is have it happen at Mania. Cena couldn't beat Rock last year, so this year he has insurance to take WWE back. Plus with the new stipulation at the Rumble, could actually cost Punk the title setting up Cena's ultimate revenge on the Rock. The only flaw is they've been building Punk as their biggest heel though the Rumble idea would allow him to go back to face. Especially if Orton goes heel as well. My only other consideration is everyone kept waiting to see who was behind the Nexus and they didn't need anyone in the end....
  6. akbar's Avatar
    Interesting, very interesting.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scribblerking
    Very interesting idea and for the mere fact it makes too much sense means it will never happen of course...i do think the whole Shield stable needs to either end soon or get a boost either from a new member to stir things up and if they are around to stay as a stable they need to seek out some mid-card gold like the IC or US title
    I'd be happy with a match on TV

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