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    Bischoff was actually the one who thought of being thrown in the dumpster. Vince asked him millions of times if he thought it'd be a good idea, but Bischoff insisted.
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    Thank you Knox. I feel like it's time for Vince to leave wrestling. He was great in the 90s but not anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979
    And lo did Akbar's sarcasm radar fail totally.
    In my defense, you put no smiley to indicate sarcasm. It's hard to tell on these crazy forums
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    First of all, loved the Workaholics reference.

    Secondly, thank you for this blog. You saved me 2 hours of writing something very similiar. More than anything, I love that you put a lot of focus into how severly EFFED over Zack Ryder is getting.

    Yes, I admit I have lived vicariously through Ryder these past 16-20 months or so. How can a big fan not? He's a huge fan himself, just chasing a dream, working his ass off when no one would give him a shot. He is the epitome of a Cinderella story.

    That said, it is VOMIT WORTHY that the McMahons are spending MILLIONS of dollars on Linda's campaign and a TOP 5 Merch seller of the company that is producing her the $$ she's blowing is driving to house-shows and sharing an apartment? RIDICULOUS! You would think the WWE would bend over backwards to keep someone happy who made them so much money. And how hard would it be to make Ryder happy? An increase in % of merchandise and some more TV time?

    He single handidly (you can argue this) brought social media to the forefront of the WWE. The man responsible for such a big component of Raw every week can't get any more love than this? Vince hasn't created an empire being an idiot, but I just can't see how he could let this campaign slowly destroy his loyalty to his wrestlers and his company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    I think YOU need to give up following wrestling for a bit.

    Pol Pot, really
    And lo did Akbar's sarcasm radar fail totally.
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    This Mr. Jae Knox is the type of blog I like to see you deliver. I'm not going to totally agree with everything you stated, yet I will say you brought up some valid points along with awesome comparisons.

    When speaking of merchandise sales, and the general comparisons to the NFL/NBA, I can agree full out with you. Personally I see it from a hip hop (music), boxing, and UFC perspective. Players/artists/fighters/wrestlers, should be allowed to promote themselves in which ever way they want. Having endorsements, or sponsors promote them should be allowed. I mean look at it this way; Vince allowed Lesnar to wear a t-shirt, and trunks with sponsors to promote him. Wrestlers should be entitled to whatever revenue they generate, wether the E' plasters their label all over their clothing, along with the wrestlers intro music, the wrestler themselves SHOULD have some say....

    It's all about advertising, and publicity. If a wrestler is able to come up with his own "ideas" (such as Ryder), to push himself and further his own career, than they should be entitled to whatever revenue they generate.

    I could go on and on ranting about this, yet I will leave it at this; Great Blog bro! Enjoyed the read, and wish I could read more in depth kind of material like this from you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilash
    Great blog, dude...and everything u said was true! I think that during the Attitude Era, Vince ACTUALLY listened to the fans, and was more open to ideas backstage from talent and such;
    Now, i do agree with what you are trying to say. BUT, dont say vince wanted to listen to the fans. Say: WCW FORCED him to listen to fans and talent.

    In all honesty, this is just the same old vince, he just isnt desperate for money or views anymore.

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