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    I find myself always rooting for Jeff. Alway thought he had the "IT" factor even during his Smoky Mountain days. I'm glad to see him coming back to form in TNA, really hoping they have him compete against A double for the belt in the future. I still shake my head everytime I think about Christian's 2day title reign, stupid suits deciding to put the belt back on Mr.Personality Randy Orton. Speaking of, I loved the fact that they had Mark Henry beat Orton twice cleanly to get and retain the title, it added that credibility that henry needed. And personally to me CMPunk vs Mark Henry No DQ on Raw awhile back was an awesome match especially the ending with punk blasting Henry with the steel chair elbow drop to finish the match.
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    hey dude...i really enjoy most of u'r blogs..and this one is pretty awesome too...ive been a Punk fan ever since his ECW days and i've always been a Jeff Hardy fan as see him and Punk feud was truly great...tis feud was something that really kept me glued coz I wanted to see what would happen next...

    however I feel that even Kane's reign a couple years back was pretty damn good...he had the title on for over 6 months or so...and his promos are just too damn good...that was one reign which i really did enjoy as welll...
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    "The NBA & NFL are accountable for much more costs, coverage and expenses than the WWE. But they still afford to pay their players. Both the NBA & NFL both went through a lockout but that was based off greedy players."

    I gotta disagree with the bolded statement here. It may be true for the NBA players, but you cannot attribute the NFL lockout to player greed.

    Look at the pay scale and the contract structures. Everything is in the owner's favor. Sign a 4 year contract, and you can get released at the end of one year. Finish off your contract, and the team can "franchise" you two consecutive years to prevent you from going to free agency. The lockout for the NFL, while it drove me away as a fan, was very much warranted. The players go through hell, suffer major injuries, shortened careers, and life long post-career health problems, and don't make half of what the NBA and MLB players make. And, the owners wanted to move to 18 game seasons, without paying the players more for doing it.

    the rest of your blog, awesome stuff. Your point about player greed, at least on the NFL side of things, Not Good.
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    If the way he acts bothers you so much, why continue to watch his product?
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    Awesome as always Knox.

    I think the biggest problem is that Vince knows that even if his midcarders group together and revolt, there are thousands in developmental and the indies to take their place. I see it in my job with the recession - if you don't like it leave as there are hundreds who would want your job. I'm sorry and I don't agree with it but Ryder, santino, jtg etc would be replaced and forgotten about in months and vince is such a dick because he knows it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerichoholic-NL
    we just should riot and not watch RAW next week, they will even get less ratings than 2.8 i guess
    Telling you, man. If people just tune into Impact this week, Mcmaster will shit himself. "(Vince Voice) THOSE BASTARDS HAVE BRAINS??!?!!?? GRRRRRAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! DAMN IT HOGAN!!!!!"
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    we just should riot and not watch RAW next week, they will even get less ratings than 2.8 i guess

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