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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    I'm glad you put D-Bry in honorable mentions. He really saved his career in WWE with his current gimmick and he's become one of my favorite wrestlers to watch.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog bro, glad to see HBK at the top, couldn't agree more
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Ortan at number 3...he kept on kicking people's head even when he was face, which is pretty ruthless and he never really talks about wrestling for the fans or whatever. IMO, his a face in it for himself...
  4. Kryptonite's Avatar
    This guy above me, is a playboy..
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Not to sound racist, but the Horsemen to me will always be a group of ring generals, one star, one mouthpiece, American and white.

    So with that being said this is is who I would place as today's horsemen.

    1. Randy Orton

    Supporting cast

    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Jack Swagger
    3. SkipSheffeild

    Manager-Michael Cole
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  6. Cobra's Avatar
    Not sure if I'd personally enjoy another reincarnation of the Horsemen. Especially with the risk of further tarnishment on the group's legacy, and after so many Horsemen spin offs. But IF the stable was brought back, I'd be more hopeful of them being managed by either Arn or Flair. Or during their induction, Arn or Flair request for somebody to bring back and manage The Horseman. Then maybe HHH? Well honestly I see HHH continuing his role on the corporate side with some wrestling involvment. Or how bout no manager, but they handpick a leader: Orton. Miz with the cockiness but minus the 'awesome' catchphrase. Rhodes who is on his way up there. The leader is then responsible for recruiting his other 3 members with several possibilties, but my picks: DiBiase and the tag team of McGillicutty (but representing his dad's last name Henning, but not his dad's 'perfect' gimmick) & the tank with a Ferrari engine Husky Harris.
  7. allenstoney's Avatar
    I totally get the idea of the new 4 horsemen it sounds good on paper,but they had a faction in fcw the fortunate sons that had some moderate success.with the right cast and proper push it would get over...1 Ted Dibiase totally under used imo has the mic skills. people are so easy to compare him to his dad. when he is his own individual. 2. Alex Riley this guy his green but with experience can be as solid as they come. 3.Mike Mcgillicutty. drop that damn name he is joe henning folks and i think his work is great. just a lame gimmick his heart isnt into i believe. 4. Mason Ryan. this guy is big semi-athletic but would be the groups henchman. And as for a manager there are a few guys that could fit the mold but mostly i would say regal... he can still get it done in the ring if need be and has a charisma that works well as a manager or wrestler

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