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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Bobby Heenan #1 by a landslide, but people like Slick, Sherri and Paul Bearer should not be in the top 5. They were entertaining but had nothing on the Managers I will list now.

    Playboy Gary Hart
    Classie Freddy Blassie
    Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart
    Paul E Dangerously
    The Grand Wizard
    General Skandor Akbar
    Number 1 Paul Jones
    Luscious Johnny Valiant
    Mr. Fuji
    Capt. Lou Albano

    Sorry but your, #3, 4, and 5 aren't even in the same league as these listed above. Good try though.
  2. HaVoC's Avatar
    Gary Hart would have to be on the top 5 list for me. With -maybe- the exception of Heenan, no one could bring heat on a heel any better.
  3. Sony's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Seanb93;bt54418]Paul E Dangerously[/QUOTE]
    Never thought he was any good as a manger. It seemed like he could never find the volume button to his voice cause all he ever did was yell with the exact same frequency every time he spoke.

    I would give honorable mentions to [FONT=arial]Paul Ellering to go along the list I previously posted[/FONT]
  4. Seanb93's Avatar
    Paul E Dangerously
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud blog n gr8 observation...I guess DB's mic skills r very gud...frm the moment he turned heel...his mic skills r becoming better...
  6. monctonvike's Avatar
    great blog all the same but how about an honorable mention for classy freddy blassie?????
  7. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Yes, they should really have Sheamus push carrot juice on the kids. Or maybe make WWE vitamins and have John Cena push them... wait... I've heard something similar to that last one in legend...

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