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    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Check this out Pagey21,

    ive always found his entrance boring i like his music because it suits him coz of his dad other than that its quite boring not alot of entrances are exciting though ive always liked undertakers at mania
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    I have experienced a few bugs but for the most part its a decnt game. I don't like Brodus but his entrance was spot on. I hate cam and naomi on one of match then not the other. Santinos was very accurate and cenas was better than last years. Ortons was likely my second fav, jericho was far away number 1. Honorable mention to cody, ryder, ziggler, miz, kofi. They did focus on entrances.

    Knox man, hit me up about music. I fux witcha. I did that john cena diss song that got about 10,000 spins on We should collab. Welcome back bruh
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    I find myself playing as Jericho simply for the entrance. The stance and face he pulls after he turns around is spot on.
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    I think you have a bug in yours. Idk if you know about this but WWE 13 has been bug ridden. I'm sure you have come across a lot of them but I guess that depends on how much you play it. Anyways my Brodus Clay has the dancers during the entrance.
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    You should've expanded it to include everyone in the game. Bret Hart's is great. X-Pac.

    The one I don't really like is Brodus Clay. He's ALWAYS come out with his hat and track suit. There's no excuse for omitting that. I have Cameron and Naomi in my game. I don't know why you're missing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpattersoniv
    I'm more than a little surprised at number 1. DiBiase hasn't been on TV in nearly a year.

    Personally I would've went with Jericho as #1. Or Punk with a championship. But Jericho gets my vote because of the lighting and the timing is crisp.
    Wow, totally forgot about Jericho. Good call, I would've had him at either one or two. His entrance was pure gold and I think the first to be released. Good look bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsrevenge
    Lol, you are so full of yourself. You make it sound like you're the be-all, end-all wrestling blogger when no one even realized you were gone.
    Lol I'm far from cocky or arrogant and if you knew me personally you'd know that. Its just I would literally post a blog once a week and many people on this site have personally inboxed me some of the nicest things about my blogs and me as a person. My return speech wasn't for the haters that bash me like yourself but it was for the individuals that enjoy my blogs. Take care bro.

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