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  1. Similarity & Difference Between WCW & TNA

    Hey guys hope all is well. Let me start off by saying I've been a WWE mark for my 20 years of living but I always loved WCW as well. I'm all about competition so I'm a fan of TNA as well. As a fan, I want to see both companies doing well and thats hard when the product from both WWE & TNA aren't cutting it. I believe ROH might truly be our wrestling savior.

    However let me discuss ...

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  2. Dream WWE vs TNA Matches

    Ofcourse we all talk all the time about WWE vs TNA knowing it won't happen in the near future. I know it won't happen anytime but a man can dream right. I've always believed that WWE had a better product but TNA has the better wrestlers/matches. TNA stars wrestle on Fast-Forward but the product is very dry.


    Eric Young vs Santino Marella
    These are the ...

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  3. The Reason TNA Will Never Be #1

    Hey Guys, Hope all is well.

    TNA has been a great company with on and off moments but for the most part they have been Ok. There are a couple of things stopping TNA from being number 1 though. I will count them down from 5-1. Please pay attention to the Number 1 reason because it is a huge reason that overshadows the other reasons.

    5. Lack of Travel
    Tna will ...

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  4. Top 10 Wrestlers who are Entertaining

    Hey guys, just thought I'd make a blog desribing the 10 wrestlers who actually represent the two main acronyms on wrestling and thats wrestling and entertainment. Haha I know this list is not everyone's opinion. I'm not saying every guy listed below should be world champ, I'm just saying these are the superstars who actually are amazing in the ring and amazing as entertainers.

    10. ...

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