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  1. R-Truth Heel Turn: Expect Big Things

    Hows it goin guys! The IWC in buzzing over R-Truth's heel turn. I'm not the biggest fan but the guy is a stud in the ring. Lord knows he was in need of a new gimick and hopefully this does the trick.

    The main reason the world is buzzing is because HE SMOKED A CIGARETTE ON PG PROGRAMMING.
    Negative or not, this garnered major heat from the little cry baby organizations around ...
  2. 10 WWE Stars who deserve face/heel Turn

    10. MVP - I feel that MVP should stay a face. I feel this because yea he was an excellent heel but MVP gets a good reaction and still has maintained good mic skills as a face. I believe its the creative team that ruined his face turn i mean what happened to the randy orton feud. I think MVP is just fine as a face as long as creative helps him along the way.

    9.Ted Dibiase - This guy ...

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