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  1. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I'm a fan of past vs present matches if they're a one off... And I agree, the Jericho/Rock feud could have been revisited.
  2. MavLeeHill's Avatar
    Yeah... What if. Too bad WWE doesn't have the creativity or balls to come up with good storyline ideas like some of which you read on this site.
  3. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    I like the idea Knox, but it would be a huge gamble. No matter how many people hate Cena, most people still watch, and he's undeniably one of (if not the) most popular superstars of all time. So why risk losing all that child viewership? It's not smart business. Plus, this hate on Cena is overblown, maybe the character's gotten stale, but the WWE owes it to him to let him do what he wants.
  4. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Sorry, Knox, but that will never happen. Vince McMahon doesn't care about wrestling. What he cares most about is main stream media attention, and that is what face Cena brings more than anyone else. Even money is second to Vince; remember that he spent multi-millions on Floyd Meriweather for Wrestlemania a few years ago? He lost a ton of money on that move, but he considered it a huge success because of all the main stream media attention it brought. Turning Cean heel would be a great wrestling move, but Vince doesn't care about that; it would be a disaster for main stream media attention. That's why he won't turn Cena heel ever. And remember, Vince didn't turn Hogan heel, WCW did.

    And I believe the Shield did attack Cena on Monday Night Raw awhile back.
  5. therepoman's Avatar
    Cena needs to turn heel or have a worse year than 2012
  6. rampage_23's Avatar
    this idea is brilliant, refreshing and entertaining, thats why I know its not going to happen, I don't hate Cena at all I personally think he is a good wrestler I just hate the way that he is portrayed to us and his character is annoying too and dry out, because of the way his character is portrayed his matches are predictable you allways know he is not going to sell the finishers, and that is lame if he would for once lose a feud (not a match cause he loses match some times) then he would stop being so predictable and I think a heel turn is not needed if that happens. One can only dream man
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love the idea and I was actually thinking that after The Rock was attacked. However, I think waiting for next Survivor Series would be too long. It should happen at the Rumble. The Shield screws Punk in his match against Rock, then they help Cena win the Royal Rumble.
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