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    Bring back Don friggin West,atleast he sound enthusiastic all the time unlike Taz n Tenay,when you put two wrestling expert together = dullness ahoy!
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    Actually I wanna see Shannon shine in TNA. Keep in mind that Shannon isn't a baby in the internet because he didn't do any shoots on anybody. But I agree brodius.
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    I have been watching wrestling for about 24 years and have seen alot as well. NWA, USWA, OVW, ECW, WCW, WWF, WWE, and TNA. I am sure there are more. I use to watch WWE and TNA both every week. WWE has the nostalgic value since I watched it with my dad. Now I get to watch it with my son. I watched TNA for the awesome tag team and X division. After seeing the fall of WCW because of the Big Orange Goblin, I didn't want to see that happen to TNA. First thing he does is gets rid of the 6 sided ring. Not a major deal but it did make the show different. Next he brings in his awful friends. The Nasty Boys anyone. They couldn't wrestle in the 80's let alone now. Then they get rid of good talent. I just hope when his contract is up him and Bischof move on and take Russo with them. I would watch TNA again if they were gone. Names like MCMG, Black Machismo - Jay Lethal, Kurt Angle, Shark Boy, and Eric Young are what made me want to watch it. Another thing about TNA they have to get rid of Meth and Fat Hardy along with their fluffer Shanon Moore.
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    Kayfaber: Excellent Dean Douglas reference
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallyman
    lol i love how people say they cant stand tna but they can stand wwe...honestly i think tna is a bit edgier better wrestling than wwe. wwe doesnt care about wrestling they are entertaiment. my point is as a wrestling fan wwe insults me. we all know wrstling is scripted but u dont have to make it that obvious. the only thing wwe has over tna is production values. i think over your 30 years of wrestling u like wwf/wwe bcuz back in the 80s vince mcmamhon raided every single talent from those companies you just named.i think tna is alot differente even if people dont admit it they expet to see what wwe does in a tna show which is not gonna happen. i think this post is a bit biased imo
    Read the blog one more time. He has seen ALOT of wrestling promotions. 30 years as a wrestling fan is impressive and he OBVIOUSLY knows a thing or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hipster
    It's fine that you don't but attacking my social life?
    lol it was a joke cause u sound like u hate tna so much they musta done something like sleep with your woman. Heres a dean douglas lesson straight from 1995
    Definitions of uptight:
    adjective: being in a tense state
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gansher
    Kayfaber is obviously a TNA mark. He'd agree with this otherwise
    haha i said tna can be as dumb as wwe at times, look at me marking right out for tna. you kids need to lighten up. its pro wrestling guys, have a little fun. TNA has great tag team wrestling plus kirk angel, kaz, jay lethal, samoa joe. WWE has santino, morrison, kofi, daniel bryan and miz. So imo they both got good stuff goin on. i guess im not used to coming on here and bawling over the crappy segments or matches on raw or tna. my bad fellas
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