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  1. AmericanHero96's Avatar
    Sting was part of the Monday Night Wars then we will be on WWE 13?????
  2. tupelojoe81's Avatar
    good blog dude. I hope this game delivers. WWE 12 was decent. I'm a mark, so I'm going to buy this game regardless.
  3. MichaelHart's Avatar
    Already pre ordered a month ago,can't wait for the roster reveal.
  4. evilash's Avatar

    There have been nWo signs in WWE games before, but never T-Shirts. If you look back at all the games, you can clearly see that when a fan in the crowd is wearing a T-Shirt of a wrestler, then that wrestler is in the game. To be honest, the nWo shirt could just add an effect to the Attitude Era theme for realism, seeing as back then during the 'Monday Night Wars', fans wore nWo T-Shirts to WWE events. Also, the T-Shirt could also indicate that it could simple be an alternate attire for Nash, Big Show or X-Pac. Unlikely, though. But I strongly feel that they will be included. Further evidence is that WWE are releasing an new nWo DVD on November, to go along with the release of WWE '13. Also, Kevin Nash recently said on Twitter that "there will be an NWO reunion", which could simply hint at there inclusion in the game. If they are, I believe they will be DLC.
  5. Tall's Avatar
    I'm sorry but they always have NWO shirts in the game. It's unlikely they'll feature, especially given the constant bad news surrounding Scott Hall. Given the confirmation of an Attitude-Era Mark Henry, I think the only reason he'd be in the game would be for a Nation of Domination Vs DX rivalry based on the 98 feud.

    They've said there will be 8 feuds and I'd expect NOD/DX, Vince/Austin, Undertaker/Mankind or Kane, Hart/Michaels to be included.
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    you have lit my fire and passion for wrestling again i can't wait the kliq THE FULL FUCKING KLIQ i don't give a fuck that chyna's not in i want the kliq against my current 5 favorite wrestlers have a feudafter that dx vs nwo the storylines are endless last year's wcw vs wwe was well legends vs currents most of the legends weren't in wcw that much but this year it could be the most exciting game ever i want a stable feud eventhough there won't be a survivor series match 5 vs 5 possible i don't care it's gonna be awesome i'm never going to stop playing this game
  7. evilash's Avatar
    I just think it makes sense. If the nWo are in this game, it would be a game-changer (no pun intended). We are NEVER going to see DX versus the nWo on TV, so now this gives us the chance! Plus, with DDP and Booker T in the game, along with the nWo, and the Superstars from the Attitude Era, we can FINALLY play a WWE vs. WCW angle that us fans have always asked for. I agree with you, though, I also would never stop playing this game!
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