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  1. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    I haven't bought a WWE PPV since Royal Rumble 2005.

    Back in the day (2001) I remember all the WWF PPV's were $24.99, with the exception of Wrestlemania which was $29.99. And the quality was top notch, great booking, tons of hype and storytelling, fast paced action and good matches, great money for entertainment value.

    Why should I now pay $60 for PPV's which have absolutely horrible booking, weak buildup, little hype, recycled stale storylines and watered down action? $60 each month for see Cena overcome the odds again and see the same match next night on Raw for free. There is a reason I haven't bought a PPV since Royal Rumble 2005, the quality starting going down that year, but compared to today's shitty product it makes 2005 look like gold.

    $60 is not worth the entertainment value today for the PPVs. I would pay $10 max for today's PPVs.

    There is nothing WWE has done to improve their PPVs, just sometimes they get lucky and manage to produce a decent show, but its not constant on a regular month to month basis like it was from Attitude Era up until around 2004
  2. ZakPhoenix's Avatar
    In Canada, Wrestlemania only cost around 40-50$. And regular PPV's are around 5 or 10$ less. Especially considering the US economy, what the fuck does this company expect?
  3. wphill's Avatar
    You guys in America are getting a rough deal.
    Here in the UK, every PPV is £14.99 which at the current exchange rate would be around $24.
  4. mika009's Avatar
    Call me old school but I liked when Summerslam led to Survivor Series which built to Royal Rumble and had the big blow off at Wrestlemania. Throw a few Saturday Nights Main Events in here and there. Hogan/Savage at Wrestlemania 5 basically had a year build up and by the time Wrestlemania came around I was ready to explode. But that was when people held titles for more than a month or two, and you had a whole stable of real tag teams. Ah, the good old days.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    This blog reminded me a lot about Accounting, with "Variable and Fixed Costs" etc lol. We get PPVs here for $20 a pop, and its still not worth it. I'd rather stream them all, except for Wrestlemania, which I always pay for.
  6. B-ri's Avatar
    God you guys get screwed, in the UK it's £14.95 for each PPV PLUS we get 5 free, this year it was:
    -Elimination Chamber
    -Extreme Rules
    -Money In The Bank
    -Night Of Champions
    I pay for Wrestlemania most years so I get in theory 6 PPVs for £14.95 or £2.50 per PPV if I don't buy Wrestlemania, I get 5 PPVs for free, I'd say go with 8 or 9 (I do quite like MITB) and make them around the 20 dollar mark, maybe 25 for mania. Only problem with that is I probably lose about 3 free PPVs, ah well, I'm such a good Samaritan!
  7. Tall's Avatar
    I remember when only the big four cost money. The others were free. Good blog but I feel each month deserves its own PPV. Six and a half weeks is a long time for shorter feuds to try and keep the momentum going to the next PPV.
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