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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think we need to wait for RAW to see how big of an opponent he gets. I would like to see him maybe get a win over Jericho with help from Fandango. It's obviously too early for a world title feud, but I still think he'll be feuding with top guys while wrestling some lower card guys too.
  2. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    Why aren't people happy? I think its that we know this isn't going far... or long.

    I mean its frustrating to have to dig up McGullicutty - who's 33 and its not going to survive the Cena era to take over from him.... so we know its short term.

    This was a great chance to launch (from CM Punk, Lesnar to..... ) this was the chance to say the next name was going to be bracketed with them in the future.... I still remember Cenas first WWE match running in against Angle was a great launching pad for a great wrestler - particularly a face.

    This was the same chance for a career to be launched... Heyman on board.... on the back of Lesnar and CM Punk. A battle with HHH didn't have to be a win but a young guy and good showing could've gone a long way.
  3. WPack911's Avatar
    I am a huge fan of AJ Lee and a decent fan of Kaitlyn myself and I LOVE this feud WWE teased it and teased and they are finally seemingly pulling the trigger and i can't wait to see how it turns out!

    This feud can like you said not only can be the best Divas feud in years, but can also help reinvigorate the Divas division. It needs to be done right, but even in the limited time the Divas are given I have liked what I have seen so far and hope it only gets better and better from here!

    Oh and BTW I love that video! great job!!!
  4. james.chelsea11111's Avatar
    Love the video, that being said I also cannot agree with you more I love women's wrestling and it seems like I look forward to seeing them succeed just as much as the upcoming male stars. Now as far as the secret admirer thing for Kaitlin goes I think it should be a heel turn for Kaitlin as her secret admirer is a member of the shield and she will yoko the shield when its time for them to on their separate ways or even better give the shield including Kaitlin belts
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    I have a feeling the divas will start to get push in the summer time, because of the new diva show, it might actually make us care about them.
  6. Kashdinero's Avatar
    I just watched a match from NXT between these two, and, while I think that Kaitlyn is a stiff in the ring as she is hot, there's definitely potential for the future. As it stands at the moment I'm gonna have to say that they have a long way to go before I'd consider them in Trish and Litas league.
  7. sret's Avatar
    I completely agree with every word, also with the stupid bathroom break stuff that Cross mentioned. I really hope they at least give this a good match or two instead of simply screwing us over. Huge fan of both AJ and Kaitlyn and I've been waiting for this for ages!
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