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  1. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    I personally thought the finish to SS was perfect as I was sure that it would be a heel turn or he would just call it barretts way to stay out of the nexus.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Funny, people complain about run ins and screw jobs during matches in WCW. People cry that they just want a straight up finish in TNA and WWE... they get one... and they want something else.

    Make up yo damn minds... sounds to me that people just like to betch and moan.
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Looks like it had the opposite effect of me. Cena's character has been put into question ever since this situation started. He had doubts, questioned himself, and after hearing Piper's speech, he vowed to keep it down the middle. Wade and Orton still questioned it and you can see their reactions when he did call it down the middle. He did the right thing and called a clean match. I would have found it annoying if Cena did more then push Wade.

    As for how he's leaving, this is where being a Smark is bad. You're supposed to believe he's getting fired. So he was giving the audience one good memory before leaving the ring "forever". They're trying to make it seem real (which you can see with his farewell speech tonight). While anyone who experienced this knows better, the kids do not. And if you see it without thinking about it, it is sort of touching.
  4. mikenigma's Avatar
    Here's the reality of the next 10 champions.
    1. Randy Orton
    2. John Cena
    3. HHH
    4. John Cena
    5. HHH
    6. Randy Orton
    7. John Cena
    8. Randy Orton
    9. HHH
    10. John Cena

    Yeah I'm a negative nancy.
  5. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    they are in order from who i think who deserves the Worild Championship more. 1. John Morrison- Amazing athlete. Heel Champion.
    2. Christian- WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OVERDUE! Face Champion.
    3. The Miz- NEXT WWE CHAMPION!!!- AWESOME I CAME TO PLAY. Heel Champion
    4. Kofi Kingston- Same as Morrison. But should be a Heel Champion as well.
    5. Daniel Bryan- Not yet. But maybe 2 years or so. Face Champion
    6.Dolph Ziggler- Pretty good athlete. Good as IC Champion. Heel Champion
    7. MVP- Should of already became World Champion. Heel Champion
    8. Wade Barrett- Pretty good mic skills. Alright wrestling ability and Best of NEXUS.Heel Champion.
    9. Cody Rhodes- "DASHING". OK mic skills. good wrestling ability.Heel Champion.
    10. Ezekiel Jackson- This dude is a Powerhouse. Should be World Champion within like 2 to 3 years.Heel Champion.
  6. mr_tweek's Avatar
    I agree with CMhuw24 on the Kaval thing, I don't see him as a World Champion. I also don't really see Bryan as one. Don't get me wrong, I love his matches and think he's a great talent but I don't see him as a World Champion (then again, I never saw CM Punk as a Champ either and look what happened there!)

    I would really like to see Ted DiBiase and Christian in the Title Picture as well as bringing back Sheamus to it, but I know they're filling his time with Morrison until HHH makes his big return.
  7. CMhuw24's Avatar
    Im sorry but as much as i love Kaval/Low Ki's wrestling i doubt WWE will ever push him to a heavyweight championship

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