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  1. scotty25aj's Avatar
    I totally agree with you with all the point you made, especially the point about how WWE used to have 'the big four' ppvs per year. it seems as though the only ppv that WWE puts the correct amount of work into is wrestlemania, where we do occasionally still get outstanding matches (HBK vs Undertaker being one of them) whereas in years gone by the rumble, slam and survivor gave us great matches and memorable moments. I wonder whether anyone could remember a stand-out moment from these ppvs from the past few years or even remember what the main events from them were.
  2. 2xtreme's Avatar
    I think it could have gone worse. Like everyone I wanted a Cena heel turn to freshen things up a little. Like Rasslin_Fan says being a Smark is probably a bad thing here and we don't take it seriously cause we know he'll be back (although I'm not complaining about a poss break from Cena). Any more than the push from him would have made the whole thing a farce.
  3. MrNolan's Avatar
    Great post! For some reason I don't like Daniel Bryan. He looks awful and that stupid smerk he always has on his face is annoying. I'm not impressed by his in ring work either. I've tried on many occasions to see this technical wrestler that you guys see but I just see a wide variety of moves pulled off with "B" quality percision. Maybe even "C" quality.

    I like Ziggler but I wish they'd drop the hole Vickie valet thing. It's silly. Ziggler has the look and ring control of a heel that makes me see him as a future champ. I could also see Cody Rhodes or Dibiase (spelling?) as champ. They're both great everywhere but are currently stuck in shitty gimmicks or storylines.

    All in all, I see a bright future for the WWE champions to come.
  4. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I dont beleive it was that bad...
  5. Xpacfan's Avatar
    I definately agree with #1 and think its crazy that Miz got the title before he did!
  6. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I thought SS was a solid show with a lot of good matches. I too thought Cena would go Heel on us but he didn't and was fired. Okay, we all know he wasn't fired (WWE ain't gonna let go of the Cena Money-Train for nothin') but his character is geared for children who still believe in the Super hero. So I can't be angry or disappointed.
  7. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    It's bitch and moan and yeah you get alot of that from the i.w.c(internet wrestling community)and just when they think they know how a match will end they know nothing I on the other hand have come to terms that it's just a scripted show and watch it for entertainment because at the end of the day that's all that it's suppose to be entertaining it's nothing to get upset(or bitch and moan)about.

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