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    Great blog! I agree with everything you said, but I see one more thing. After all this time with Cena doing what he does, he gets a well deserved break or you can call it a long, extended vacation. The fans will cheer him on again when he comes back, he will be refreshed and new, and then hopefully he will continue to put out great matches.
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    Honestly the problem with the WWE divas in the past and present is that they dont give the divas enough time to really have a decent match. Every now and then they do but thats only once in a blue moon. So what the fans are forced to watch from the divas is usually poor quality of matches cuz they get almost no time to work. TNA has given its fans a lot of good wrestling from the Knockouts, which I believe is cuz the president is a female. I'm not saying that in a bad way, because there has been a lot of awesome Knockout matches. I remember saying holy shit when roxxi got the crimson mask a while back this year. TNA has usually given the Knockout talent way more time to work than the WWE ever has as a whole (actually being wrestlers). I think if the WWE could give the divas more time to work (not just in dark matches or house shows) on TV, the divas could easily rival the Knockouts. But if history repeats itself in 2011, this will be one of the areas that TNA shows dominance in mainstream pro wrestling.
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    WWE women's title should have never been retired!!!
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    Sheamus in my opinion was a more credible champion than MIZ. I would like to see Sheamus whip his backside for the strap and send the MIZ back home to Cleveland or wherever he lives.interesting enough, Sheamus and Miz did not look great after championship matches, losing, getting disqualified, all that nonsense, but Sheamus knew how to beat someone badly. Taking nothing against the MIZ, he has come along way but he is doing some really bi@@@ moves like attacking Lawler,bailing out on tag matches, refusing to accept matches......Sorry, MIZ as champion hopefully has an early expiration date. Not feeling him.Awesome, kinda, great, no, top 5 wrestling superstar on the roster, hell no, charismatic, yeah, optimisitc,yeah, a real champ, nope,someone to take seriously.....He has to do something clean like win the rumble or win a 4 way match or something but right now he is not a great heel champion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Deluxe_08
    I already talked about that in this part of the article, thetheme and Slickman69. I'd read it
    Drew, Ziggler, Punk, Swagger, Kofi, Nexus and even Daniel Bryan got good build up for title runs. It took Ziggler a year to get the Intercontinental title, but they didn't want to put it on him too soon because they wanted to see what he could do in the ring. Kofi was built up only to be broken down by Orton. Punk won the Money in the Bank twice. Wade Barret and the rest of Nexus jumped in the main event scene, went after the lead babyface of the company, and gave them a chance to showcase their talents in the ring. People didn't like it just because they were "rookies", but it was something new and it could have been great if Barret won the title and kept it for a while. Everyone knew that Cena wasn't going anywhere no matter what, so not giving it to Wade just wasted a good build up. Swagger had a good build up, but got treated like crap when he won the title. It was too soon I admit, but he does has skill that shouldn't go to waste. Drew is menacing in the ring and is a threat, but they put an end to that too quickly because the public was so WTF about it. Bryan has the U.S. title and that's great, but lets be honest, they won't go further than that unless he becomes a heel with an attitude someday. Now look at the not so long ago past on who the WWE dropped the ball on as far as people that could wrestle or could destroy the pathways and look conviencing while doing it. Mark Henry, remember when he was going through the whole Smackdown roster? He should have earned that title. As a heel he was doing a great job, but Batista was the poster boy of that show at the time, got injured, then they gave it to Angle to carry the show. Koslov, same as Henry, but HHH had the last say so on that one. Shelton, HHH. Enough said about that. MVP, good talent but became a face and went to RAW, big mistake. Sheamus, too soon but can acually get it done within reasoning. Morrison, taking too long and his last hope is around the corner before making him another Christian or Jannetty. When he was tagged with Miz he was the personality of the team and Miz was along for the ride if you didn't notice. The Dirt Sheet, the catch phrase "be jealous", slow down intro, in ring work, interviews. It was all Morrison. Evan Bourne, Miz held him down when he should have became U.S. champ IMO, and Orton finished him off by having him fly into an RKO. Carlito, went to Raw and became a face, then heel, then face. Simply no direction, and a waste of good talent. Miz, got brought up almost identical to Angle a decade ago when you look at it carefully. The main difference is Angle had no one to hold his hand during his process, wrestles great as a heel, and was well ballanced by not getting shoved down our throats. All I am saying is that if Miz would have some skill in the ring involved with his push, then many people wouldn't argue the hard work issue compared to other wrestlers. Do I blame the Miz, for his skill yes but obeying the bosses no. It's just crazy when people say Cena can't wrestle but he has wrestled and had feuds with some of the wrestling greats in the WWE at that time and people don't give him credit for it. IMO it's just a big slap in the face when the guy with the least wrestling skill is the champion of the world, and that's all I'm saying. Wrestling skill should come with your build up along with memorable moments. Others have had it and still building it (Morrison for example), but not Miz and that's why people can't take him seriously. Ziggler, Kofi, Swagger and certain others can put on a 20 min match and make things interesting without assistance and for those two heels that's impressive enough. We need quality matches from a world champion for him to be credible. As a heel he can cheat at the end because he's a heel, but there has to be a story told between the opening bell and the last bell. Others have done it and many were never world champion or at least WWE champion. I understand that everyone can't be pushed at once and I'm not asking for that, but there were other choices than Miz and people just don't want to admit it.
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    This is such a great article. I have always been a huge Miz fan. I do not like him in the full on suit though. It's too corporate looking. There are actually a couple things that I would like mention:

    -- He doesn't win matches cleanly
    He's not the biggest guy and he's not technically savvy. Of course he won't win clean. For those of you who haven't noticed, the Miz is a character that out-thinks his opponents. He's crafty and an opportunist (much like a certain Rated R guy when he's heel). He's just smarter than everyone else. Don't forget, he was very patient and selective when cashing in the case. Winning clean wouldn't make sense for his character. Personally, I think the fact that he's not the greatest wrestler adds to the dynamic. It's different.

    -- He looked weak against his opponents when he gets help
    I think the problem here is that the Miz doesn't have any credible guys backing him up. Riley is a rookie and Cole is a commentator. HHH and Orton had real and somewhat established talent backing them for their wins. The Miz doesn't look weak, his back-up does.
    On a side note, I don't think the TLC against Lawler was really about the Miz at all. I think it was a nod to Lawler. A real champion can bounce back from that like it never happened.

    -- He did not get a proper build up
    I disagree. I think the Miz had plenty of build up for his title win. If holding a briefcase and constantly reminding the world that he can cash it in at any time isn't build up, I don't know what is. Prior to that, he was holding multiple titles at a time. That usually means he's going places. He got way more build up than CM Punk did, and look how that turned out. I didn't even know who Punk was until he cashed that thing in, and now he's golden.

    Someone commented that the Miz didn't have any memorable feuds that define his career prior to his title win. In a perfect world, I would agree. However, I think it is still in the making - Miz vs. Morrison. We knew that was going to come full circle in the World Title picture. HHH vs. the Rock for the IC turned into a feud for the World Title. Shawn vs. Bret for the IC turned into a feud for the World Title. This is the same song over and over again. Be patient, the Miz and Morrison have the talent to deliver a good program.

    Again, a great article. I always like reading everyone's opinions. I'm an old school fan, but I think the Miz is a good way to change things up.
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    I already talked about that in this part of the article, thetheme and Slickman69. I'd read it

    -- He did not get a proper build up

    Well damn, who does nowadays? It is unfortunate that the WWE does not have the luxury of having numerous credible wrestlers and legends to build new stars on. They literally shot themselves in the foot by putting TOO MUCH time into John Cena and Randy Orton. Because of this superstars like MVP and others got overlooked so with little main eventers left, they don't have anyone else to help them build new stars except Orton, Edge, Big Show, Mysterio, and John Cena. So the fact that Miz has even managed to get as over as he is now is an accomplishment in itself. No. He did not get the same build up Austin or The Rock got or any other typical WWE star would get. He built himself up through promos. They're other ways to make stars guys.
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