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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Wow you like to create alot of blogs huh?
    Anyway. Yes we would all prefer to watch a Miz vs Morrison match over a Miz vs Orton match for wrestling quality. But the thing is, Morrison is nowhere as over as Randy is, and thats the sad truth. Yeah hes been getting huge pops, but they are much smaller, and are less frequent than Ortons. Orton is the most over wrestler in the company right now, and it would be foolish for WWE not to capitalise on his popularity, by giving him a WWE title match.
  2. knox's Avatar
    i love this blog you beat me to it lol. Morrison has to be a happy guy right now because he knows that every fan is thinking why the hell is he not facing the miz at the rumble. The match was amazing and i loved it.

    Orton winning the cage match was sooo predictable since everyone knew the miz couldnt face a heel at the rumble eventho last year sheamus and orton were heels and battled at the rumble

    you are dead on about orton as a wrestler. He wrestles way to slow for a face. Orton was made to be a heel i mean all he does is the same slow ground head lock and his moves are too vicious for a face to be doing. The ddt between the ropes is a heel move

    I loved the blog tho good job man
  3. Justdawg08's Avatar
    You act like its all over... didn't you see Morrison's face at the end? It's far from over....

    That was a bright idea to kick of 2011 with that kind of statement. It shows that Miz has what it takes to put on a good match, and that cage match in the night was prettty damn good too.

    On paper it seems as though following a Cage and Falls Count Anywhere Match that Miz Vs Orton would be dire see, but its just too cookie cutter and boring to stand out.

    Anyways... my royal rumble plans... #1 is Morrison.. he lasts... #29 is CM Punk/Wade Barrett and all of Nexus they eliminate everyone except Morrison and a top face or two... #30 is Cena.. cleans house, Punk eliminates Cena... Morrison eliminates Punk... Morrison goes to WM to face Orton or Miz
  4. Kyd1977's Avatar
    Worser. I couldn't get past that. I had high hopes for this blog post.
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    Lord knows I am all for pushing the younger guys, and you guys know I'm all for just throwing the younger newer guys into the main event, but not even I would try that this close to WM. I mean, your talking a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE gamble.

    I really do hope Cena is okay, from a personal stand point, just cuz I don't wish injury on anybody, but I agree, this could be the time for CM Punk, Kofi, Christian, and a couple of more to get that TV time they want
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    The thing is, will pushing the younger talent draw big at WM? WWE usually showcases their top stars in at WM, that isn't MITB, or a battle royale, so if they were to push the current midcarders, would they draw? Well the only way they will find out is if they try. I would love to see it happen.
  7. mrbluto's Avatar
    I agree 100% on your blog. How about Barrett and Punk having a program while Cena heels then have them battle Punk and Nexus for WM?
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