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  1. geejay's Avatar
    That match was great..... 5 star match. But I look at things differently.. Miz Won the match but Morisson carried that match all the way. He looked better to me than MIZ did. It was a win/win situation. We all know JM can put on a great match and he did that and miz gained credibility as a champ with this win... As for the timing of the match. I like it. It is a PPV calibre match but WWe should give us these type of matches more on their regular programing.

    As for Morisson's mic skills.. I agree. It is not that he is bad...It just seems like he has bad timing..
  2. jamesstrange's Avatar
    if anything hopefully this match proved to management how great Morrison was. I can't believe they still don't let him talk much. He's got good mic skills but how's he suppose to get better on the mic if he aint got the chance to speech and try to get more over with the crowd?
  3. VKM's Avatar
    IMO, JoMo vs. The Miz will only do justice unless its for the united states championship. I like both Miz and JoMo but both of their build ups were incorrect. JoMo can't be a main eventer unless he starts to develop a character. And The Miz is disgracing the image of the WWE title because when he faces most opponents like Orton or Cena, Miz looks weak.

    Lets look at the facts. Do you think The Miz can honestly beat Cena, Orton, or any other of the main eventers?

    Right now, we really need wrestlers that can compete with WWE's over superstars.

    They did great when they build up Sheamus and Wade Barrett. IMO, I believe that WWE has forgot how to build up somebody like a Jeff Hardy or Chris Jericho who is small in size. The Jeff Hardys of today wrestling are The Miz and JoMo. However, WWE is not doing a great job at putting them over. The match was fun and awesome but truthfully, it look like a mid card feud for the IC or US title.
  4. mrbluto's Avatar
    JOMO is good on the Mic, the problem is he does his promos to laid back, he needs to get angry, show some passion. Orton and Cena are the WWE golden geese right now, there is no way they leave Orton or Cena out of the main event at WM, hell HHH might get involved.
  5. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Kyd1977 .... please tell me you did not stop reading after the first sentence. Honestly, that is not even enough to judge the entire blog ... or any entire blog. Be courteous and at least read the blog before commenting. What you just did was such an asshole move it was ridiculous. You wouldn't want anyone to do that to you if you wrote a blog.
  6. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Justdawg08 .... I noted in the blog that Miz and Morrison will most likely get another chance to have their feud. I am certain it is not over. I'm just a tad bit upset that it was cut short when it could have been used to make a feud. That is all I am saying. Also, I doubt Morrison will win the rumble. It will either go to Triple H (if he returns), Christian, Jericho, or Kingston if you ask me.
  7. sly2414's Avatar
    I'm just glad they made Miz look strong for a change.
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