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    I agree with just about everything the original poster said. And even if he doesn't get a world title reign, he can still have a great career. Look at those before him: Piper, Dibiase, Earthquake (who was mad over as a monsterous heel and face), and many more never got to taste the top gold, but are still being held as some of the greatest and most loved wrestlers. I never understood the whole "You have to win the big one to be great" concept. If that's the case, what the hell do we call Arn Anderson and Curt Hennig? I've come to terms that we may never see Kofi win the big one, but I'm content with that because I still have faith that he will go down as one of the most exciting wrestlers of all time once his career is at an end. The same goes for Bryan if he doesn't win the big one. He's still a holder of multiple championships multiple times throughout his already great career...and he's only 29!
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    Dude... he's only been in the WWE for 6 months... he is AHEAD of schedule right now... he needs to just sit and continue to build a fanbase with U.S. Title for now...
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    Great Blog man. I really Like your theory. Keep up the good work.
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    Very well put, Wrestling Deluxe. A lot of fans don't understand this concept. Danielson is just one example. A lot of great talent is still very young and, as the old saying goes, timing is EVERYTHING! You can't rush certain things. Sometimes these talents don't every get there, but some do.

    I also with your Danielson/Bateman tag team idea. It would be good. Or possibly other good candidate for Danielson's partner could Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black) whenever he is brought up.
    This is just one of many things Danielson could do before he truly shines in a main even spot.

    Something else that is interesting is that the Miz is champ right now. With the chemistry that Miz and Danielson already have, I would not be against some sort of mini feud between the two. Danieslon would obviously lose, but it would still be good to see a championship match between the two. Maybe build to just main event a Raw. Or actually, it would of been cool to see them go at the Rumble. On that note, I honestly am very disappointed they didn't do another Miz/Morrison match at the Rumble or at least held it off the match itself till the Rumble and build it up a bit. That's the only ingredient it lacked.

    But all in all, I'm fairly confident that Danielson will eventually get there. It could be a while though. I mean, look at Christian. The Peeps have been wanting this guy to get there forever and he still hasn't. Hopefully, upon his return, he will. I'm rooting for him to win the Rumble and go on to face Edge at Mania. We shall seeeeeee.
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    Great article. Spot on. I agree that keeping him ukewarm at the moment is the right thing to do. 2012 will be the year of the American Dragon
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    True, btw that derrick bateman is interesting, he already got airtime on Raw, he will definitely be brought up to the main roster after NXT 4 is over.
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