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  1. Dark_Lord's Avatar
    I have to say that I was not happy ADR won the Royal Rumble honestly because of some of the complaints that were mentioned. I thought John Morrison was more deserving and he has paid his dues for a championship run. I could have sworn he would win and set up a nice feud between him and the Miz for the belt. That would have been better than the Miz and Jerry Lawler although I have no real problem with jerry Lawler taking it from the Miz with the storyline that has been set up so far. JMO but i think the WWE kinda missed it on this one. The First match b/w Jomo and the Miz set a nice precedent that the WWE is messing on capitalizing.
  2. The Doorman's Avatar
    Reading this made my day. Great blog. I agree with everything you've mentioned. I love that Del Rio won the Rumble. Of course, the guys I saw the Rumble with b****ed and moaned that he won, giving the same exact complaints. Hopefully they read this, and see where I'm coming from.
    Thanks for the great read!
  3. tealc16's Avatar
    By the way, Punk has won 3 world titles, so saying "Yet, what’s to say these two won't hold the championship one day in the future?" for Punk isn't exactly accurate.
  4. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    shelton benjamin is and always will be better than ppl like miz, and even morrison but didnt get a push..
  5. SilverGhost's Avatar
    I agree. Valid points mentioned. Del Rio was a good choice to win the Rumble. I like his character and his wrestling past so he does deserve it. He will leave a mark in wrestling. Bank on it
  6. martinzoo's Avatar
    You have some great points here. But John Morrison deserves it more than anybody else. He have been here for a while, he has the in ring-skills noone else has, and people love him. Why isn´t he getting the chance?
  7. natejoseph09's Avatar
    I agree with much of this article, Bryan is an excelent wrestler. But what's holding him back is that he's not getting a crowd reaction, too me he's like the opposite of Miz.

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