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  1. gmack's Avatar
    You know I also agree with everything you have said.

    The funny thing is, with all these people saying that it's too early - they are obviously people that don't like Alberto Del Rio - but isn't that EXACTLY what his character is suppose to do?

    He is a heel after all. I think that everyone who says "No" for Alberto, is playing right into his character and the response he is looking for.

    I love his character, I love that he won the Rumble, and I can't wait to see how WMXXVII develops....Big thumbs up to WWE for giving some new blood the spotlight.

    All I need now is to be able to buy some ADR merchandise! Where are the white scarfs WWE?
  2. blackout version 1's Avatar
    cm punk should of won the rumble and orton the chamber then the two at mania why on earth is miz vs cena happening over an orton vs punk match ?!!! ??!!!!??!
  3. hey you guys(and girls)'s Avatar
    Heres to the rebirth of jbl,just kidding i like the guy needs another finisher with the arm bar as we all know the top guys in wwe wont be tapping out any time soon but good luck to the character at least we u all hate him right of the bat go alberto del riooooooooooooooooo
  4. Stump's Avatar
    The guy's boring as hell.
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    What's even funnier is that when Triple H does return the IWC is gonna start bitching about him being on top and etc. And etc. Lol. As an IWC we sure are fuckking funny
  6. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    I don't see any problem whatever with Del Rio winning. He was ready, and has been ready since he arrived in WWE. I am very much looking forward to his first championship reign in WWE.
  7. jelle1809's Avatar
    now that's the truth

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