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  1. darcw0lf's Avatar
    I think hes a great heel but hes getting a push too soon, while wrestlers like chavo who is FAR more talented get screwed over by wwe for years, hell it took kane how many years to get a good push? This is what pisses me off about wwe, they pass up great talent all the time.
  2. Dan the grappler's Avatar
    i'm not too fussed about him winning, he said he was gonna win it and he did the only bad thing about him is that annoucer he is so up him self
  3. Trips88's Avatar
    I gotta say man this was a good read. I presonaly consider myself to be a HUGE HHH fan (if you can't tell by the name lol) and even I am tired of the complaining. I want HHH back. I want him in the hunt. I want to see him have one more run with the strap even. BUT I'm not gonna miss out on everything else that the WWE has to offer just becasue my favorite superstar is down. I didn't stop watching the last two times he was out of action and I won't stop now.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    I've said this before, and I'll say this again. I'm glad Triple H hasn't returned yet(even though he has been cleared to compete 2 months ago). Because now he can work behind the scenes more often, in his new executive job. Apparently hes been responsible for some good storylines that have occured as of late. He knows what people want, and what will keep the company fresh.

    I'm not too excited about his return, and I know that he will bury everyone upon his return, and maybe go for another WWE title run. But I take comfort in the fact that he has done alot for wrestling, is older, and will retire soon-which will give the younger talent more time in the spotlight. Also, he can continue contributing good ideas to creative.
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    Nothing is wrong about Alberto winning the rumble. The reason why many people are complaining is because their favorite didn't win. Lets look at this. People complain when just about everything happens in wrestling. Many defend what doesn't make sense, but are against logical things. Many people say that the Miz deserves to be WWE champion when he can't wrestle, but a heel that has EVERYTHING that the current WWE champion is missing doesn't even get credit. Mic skills, check. Been in feuds, check. Charisma, check. Great entrance, check. Wrestling skill, check. Good character, check. Wrestling background, check. He is everything that some fans have been asking for. He's not Cena or Orton, he's "something new", he has the "It" factor, he can put on a good match, he's a heel, and he didn't need help from people to get there. For example an announcer, his NXT rookie, didn't ride on anyone's coat tails, didn't marry the daughter of the company, and didn't bury other talent. Did Morrison deserve it? IMO yes. But lets face it, when was the last time someone in wrestling got what they "deserved"? Especially in the main event picture. CM Punk has won the title 3 times already so that wouldn't have been "new". HHH winning would have been a contridiction. Santino winning would have been just awful. They Killed Drew McIntyre's push, Swaggers push, and lets not even talk about people like Kofi, Ted, and Wade. They should be pushed in main event status like there is no tomorrow, but that's fantasy. Many worthy people are stuck in midcarder hell or worse, and Alberto winning the rumble is a breath of fresh air. People should stop bitching about someone that can wrestle and remember that we are watching a wrestling program not a reality show or cartoon. Go Del Rio!!
  6. bigevil1987's Avatar
    only real bitch i have about the rumble (and this may sound cold) is that santino was in the final two........... pathetic.
  7. Saiga's Avatar
    kurt angle participated in the 3 way wwe title match from royal rumble 2005 and participated in the rumble match later on. why is it hard to understand that dolph ziggler & randy orton took a page outta the book?

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