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    sorry for the gramma and spelling, was in a rush.
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    You have many valid points - and I do hope your right. The problem is, this is the WWE we are talking about.

    The promo guys should win Oscars for their work, they really can make shit look like gold. I liked your point about why it is not Taker and how the burnt his childhood home down, but again this is WWE we are talking about. They do not follow up their storylines, they change so often (example 1ne min Vince is dead, then his alive, then his in a coma, then he is just the CEO, then he is evil vince, now he is normal vince??) - (example 2: NEXUS?? wtf? we attack everyone, attack CM Punk, oh yes it was CM Punk our leader all along??) - (example 3: randy orton and edge are 'pals' of Cena??) ----- So yes that is a great point, but they think we have forgotten takers history so that wouldnt surprise me.

    The point I make though, is elaborating on yours and it makes NO SENSE what so ever to do this kind of promo with Taker - are people talking about it? YES. Does WWE want people talking about it? YES. Do people want it to be Taker? NO. and thats the problem, they are risking people being disapointed by their biggest superstar, and that is a very dangerous, stupid position to put themselves in. When like you said a surprise return would recieve a huge pop.
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    I don't know, there's just something about Del Rio, It's plain to see that he's got allot of talent, but it's like, were men't to hate him, but i just can't help liking him!
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    Del Rio is the best heel to come around in a long long time. I look forward to seeing him every week. So much so that my eyes light up when his music pops. I can't get enough. If someone is good then f*ck working your way up from the bottom, they need to be in the spotlight... now. WWE knows exactly what they are doing with him. Same as with Brock Lesnar. The only time I did not agree with early pushes were Jack Swagger and Shaemus. The latter eventually won me over but Swagger never did.
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    I personally wouldn't mind seeing Trips come back for a small program then quickly retiring. Hes got nothing left to prove and I don't want to see him come back and squash any of the younger up and comers. I truly respected him putting John Cena over in the Wrestlemania Mainevent a few years ago. Its time for him to help Vince and Steph backstage. Please Spare the slumping Shaemus anymore shame!
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    I do not disagree with alot of your points.i also havent read through the comments so i may be saying somethings redundantly.
    I agree 85% with your blog
    Why is del rio getting this push? very simple...Rey is on his way out and they need a top mexican star to replace him. Del Rio is a TOP MEXICAN STAR he has been wrestling longer than 70% of the WWE roster..Dos Caras wiki him.
    Most people who win the rumble were already slated to be established stars X ammount of years in the future,Del Rio has a very special contract a very rare one for wwe talent...booker and kevin nash dont even get these contract add ins..he didnt need to be there because he is already proven..would you honestly expect AJ styles to prove himself in WWE? they'd make him but people know AJ Styles...americans dont know Dos Caras.
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    wade barrett should've won, he was way more developed and his gimmick is so believable & his mic skills are there. Del rio talks like he's reading a script. ADR is the wwe's big demographic swing. Mexicans are very large in america so vince wants more fans. I wonder why a black star cant be world champ. Its a smack in the face to a fully developed star like kofi who's earned his spot

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