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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    I admire your determination, wanting it to be Sting so badly, until you are proven wrong. I really hope that you are right, and we do get Sting's debut in the WWE, and the match at Wrestlemania that we have been waiting for years!
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    I just watched the Starrcade promo.
    1 That isn't a empty wooden building, it's a torn down concrete building.
    It wasn't a mystery who the guy was, we saw Sting clear as day, different than the WWE promo.
    Other than it's raining and some thunder and the black boots and coat, don't see the similarities.

    2 After being in the arena for 25 years, don't you think Steve(Sting) Borden can choose where, when and how, to end his career.
    Maybe he wants to end it in front of 300 people , maybe in Nebraska where's he is from, Cali where he lives, or even in Atlanta.
    It has nothing to do with him swallowing his pride, and going to the WWE.
    He will and should end his career wherever he wants, not where we want.
    For a guy who never went WWE, I wouldn't think about ending my career there.
  3. RJ Crossroads's Avatar
    And on top of all that, why would they want to keep Undertaker's return a mystery or secret? Tune in to Raw on 2-21-11 to see the Undertaker return...maybe. Doesn't seem like a typical Undertaker return scenario. But hey, then again, maybe they're trying something a little different. One things for sure though, a lot of people will probably tune into Raw on 2-21 to see.
  4. Dierdorf's Avatar
    The reason i don't think it would be Taker is because it would be on Raw that he returns when he is on Smackdown. I know Raw is their main show but it doesn't make sense to me especially since the people he was feuding with before he left was Kane and now Corre who are both on Smackdown.
  5. dres1214's Avatar
    I honestly have stopped assuming if it's Sting or Undertaker. You make valid points sir! Also i heard that they are making a movie based off Undertaker. The Origins of Undertaker. Correct me if I am wrong when undertaker debuted in WWF his gimmick was of an old western mortician (sp) Also Undertaker has changed his gimmick a few times, just maybe this video is showing that Undertaker is going back to his original gimmick. Just a thought. There are so many different views on this video alone. It has caused a lot of talk and is stirring up the rumor mill. WWE is enjoying this. I for one would love to see Steve Borden in WWE. I hope it happens but my thoughts still remain pessimistic. Good blog sir!
  6. TakerMania's Avatar
    Oh god you have no idea and I MEAN no idea what so ever about how thirsty I'm for a Sting VS Taker match
    it's my ULTIMATE and biggest Wrestling Dream ever
    it would be just Heaven on Earth
    but I REALLY REALLY lost all hope after that promo
    cuz I know Taker proabably more than any other fan in the world and I know when it's about him or not
    and last night that's it
    it's 100% UNDERTAKER
    but if I was Wrong that my friend will be the Best day in my life
  7. TheSilk's Avatar
    Yes I agree it is WWE attempt at getting everyone hyped for a taker return. Which by the looks of things could back fire, as the promo is very Sting-esque. But at the same time I think they are doing the whole surprise thing because they are bringing back a newish 'darker' Undertaker, maybe more like the ministry taker!!!!

    I would love for it to be Sting, as it would be probably one of the greatest swerves and secret in wrestling history!!!! But at the moment I think it is Undertaker returning. Maybe we will get more clues when more of the promo becomes clear??

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