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    It's Papa Shango!!!! =P
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    While i commend you for making a blog this is simply too late. Should have just posted in the 75+ page thread mate. I will reply with what i did on there;
    Some people are using fairly weak arguments to support the fact that it could be Sting... I mean the ones concerning the boots, the fact he's on smackdown and statements like "It's not an undertaker style promo."

    Boots can be changed. Yes, he is on smackdown, but so is Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler but that doesn't stop them appearing on Raw every week. Undertaker is ALWAYS on Raw in some capacity in the build up to Wrestlemania!

    Like i've said: Before 1998, when did undertaker own a throne and burn crosses in his promos? Prior to 2000 when were little girls a part of Undertaker's promos? Before 2005, when did Undertaker have snakes involved in his promos?
    Hmm where have i seen rain, lightning and/or dark rooms being illuminated by flashes being used in conjunction with the undertaker before? - Dark Room with the odd flash showing the whole room and it's surroundings (ignoring the little girls). - 2008 theme includes the sound of RAIN after the gong. - First titan tron including Rain, Thunder and lightning.

    People need to understand things change.

    The reason people think this is Sting is because of the NY news advertisement, The mysterious feel to the promo and the similarities to the '97 Starrcade promo. Those are the only real hints towards sting.
    Yes, the starcade promo is similar but only because of the Rain. That's the only similarity i can personally see in them both. Stings isn't mysterious whatsoever you see him clearly! If the figure in the 2.21 promo was lurking in the background or stood in the shadows then yes, i'd agree. As it stands however, i'm going with the Undertaker.

    Now the hints for the Undertaker on the other hand...
    The arena the Raw is taking place has already Announced the Undertaker as returning and even had a video up (The video was taken down but the text -although smaller font- is still there). He WILL be back on that night regardless!
    It's set in what appears to be a shack in the middle of nowhere and has a "wild west" type feel to it. This is relevant because the Undertaker was originally based on Morticians you see in the old Western Movies.
    The "Dong" in the shack.
    "Ain't no grave" playing. This was used during the HBK v Taker fued at Wrestlemania 26. The undertaker was last seen getting buried alive.
    It makes no sense when used with Sting. Sting didn't 'Die' at all, he didn't get buried at all so i see no reason why it would be sting.

    Like it's been mentioned, it could be a swerve. The only way it points to Sting in anyway is if it happens to be a swerve.

    I realise that you think i was one of those who changed my mind because of the song as you replied not long after me in that thread, but i've always thought it was undertaker but COULD be sting. People are trying too hard to find things to support the Sting idea but at a cost, overlooking what's staring them in the face. Yes it could be a swerve, but ANY promo could be a swerve. If the NY daily news hadn't reported Sting as signing with WWE there'd be no 70+ page discussion and dozens going up every single day because we'd all assume it was the Undertaker (or skip, jericho, seth rollings, awesome kong, bob barker, repo man etc etc)
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    I wish to God it was Sting. But its not.
    I wanna see Sting in WWE as much as anybody else. And i wanna see him face Undertaker....but not at WM. That's ludicrous. I wanna know whose the better wrestler between the two (kayfabe) not "oh looks like Sting is gonna job to Undertaker" which is what a WM match between the 2 would be.
    give me Sting vs Undertaker at SummerSlam where there MIGHT be a chance of a Stinger win. Cuz at WM its just a glorified squash match
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    This website just rported that sting is expected to resign with TNA. now dont get me wrong i wanted sting in the wwe more then ne other fan but it looks like we will never see it happen
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    Been thinking, we are talking Vince here, a loud mouth and boastful man.
    Do you really think that he wouldn't shout at the top of his lungs, that he got the one man who said no to him.
    He would promote this to the hilt.
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    I think Del Rio has got the charisma and potential to be a star!!!! With a championship win at wrestlemania people will learn to appreciate his ability. Del Rio has got brilliant mic skills that could compete with The Rock. I truly believe that in the future he could be as big as any other main eventer, with a possible face turn!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdorf
    The reason i don't think it would be Taker is because it would be on Raw that he returns when he is on Smackdown. I know Raw is their main show but it doesn't make sense to me especially since the people he was feuding with before he left was Kane and now Corre who are both on Smackdown.
    Dolph makes appearences on Raw, so does Edge also ADR. The Miz goes on Smackdown as well as Randy Orton, even Cena. Bascially what i am saying, its the road to WM all big superstars will make cameo's at both shows to hype up fueds or even to hype up WM.
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