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    You can't be mad at the guy for not selling-out. I know you, and everyone, is disappointed that we couldn't see some of our dream matches play out. It is not like he was going to have a long run anyway with that schedule WWE has got going on. Besides the Undertaker, who can he really face and make it worth it. Some day he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but for now he has to pass the torch on somewhere, and Wrestlemania versus an opponents who does not need the torch is not the place to do it.

    I understand your frustration, but like Jaitsu said, it is really not your place. Plus you do not know exactly what went into his decision.

    Crack, out.
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    he's gonna tell his kids he stuck to his conviction even if there was some backlash, he'll tell his kids he said he would not join WWE and he stuck by that. it isn't your place, nor anyone elses, to judge his business decisions.
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    OMG!!!!! Undertaker... Sting...!!!!/Undertaker... Sting...!!!!/Undertaker... Sting...!!!! people PLEASE!! neather one of them. peroid. i believe its going to be a new superstar no one has ever expected to be him!!!! NOW that is GOLD!!!
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    I feel like maybe WWE felt bad about the video making people think its Sting. This is if in fact, it is not him. If the vid is for the Undertaker, I think that WWE would not want people to feel let down on 2/21/11 when he walks out because they were led to believe it was Sting.

    They could be trying to fool us with the song though. Maybe they didn't think we would catch on so easily? But the thread starter is right on one thing. Why make the Undertaker's return so mysterious. Its the Undertaker. This isn't the first time hes been gone and made a special comeback. I dont remember any of his past return vids having us guess whether it was him or not.
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    I hope this is really Sting man, his invasion would be immaculate.. you hear that chant vince? LETS GO STING!!!!
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    I have Checked this morning on TNA website and Stings profile has been removed. I don't want to read to much into this but TNA never takes a profile down even Kevins Nash was up until he enetered the rumble.
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