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    I dunno is it? They're only...I dunno...the actual fans! It seems like you're really asking, "should fans just go along with the program and like whoever WWE says they should" or "should fans have a mind of their own".
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    from what I'm watching at least, from a writer's point of view it looks like He's staying Face... but i suspect the rumored Orton Heel turn is nearing, and there is logic behind it hear me out.
    Plan: Hell no loses tag team titles setting Brian up with Kane feud.
    How it goes down: the loss creates just enough sympathy with Brian that his talent takes over and he becomes easily in your top 2 faces.
    plan b:set up triple threat matches with Orton to shift the dynamic of hell no off them so Kane can get a solo run in.
    How it looks like it's going down: Have orton RKO brian, they win the titles, sheild wins them back Brian gets more insecure orton get irritated and turns on him...
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    OUTSTANDING blog - agree 100%. WWE are HARD for John Cena because he's the money generator for the company. It would be sad to realise that this current push and character development for Daniel Bryan is just to build him up as a contender for Cena, whom will eventually defeat him and move on to someone else. IMO, I think if/when Bryan does turn heel and faces John Cena (because, realistically, who on the roster has John Cena NOT done a program with?), I hope WWE goes the distance and makes him WWE Champion. Bryan defeating Cena for the WWE Title - after Cena won it from The Rock at 'Mania - would make Daniel Bryan the star he finally was meant to be. YES! YES! YES!
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    Nice list, and not to nitpick but you said top 10 wrestlers, not 16,
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    I will agree The Shield is the best thing in the WWE right now ...

    I just went to Raw here in Calgary on Monday and The Shield was the best thing on that show (other then Bret Hart) but if it wasn't for The Shield that night I would have given the show "two thumbs down"

    I am also looking forward to seeing The Wyatt Family ... I think new faces will be good in the WWE and they seem pretty creepy so right now I will take Creepy to spice things up in the WWE.

    I went to Edmonton on Tuesday for the Smackdown taping and Daniel Bryan was over with the crowd. They loved Bryan ... and so do I.

    Good Blog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.the fact that he is THE BEST PERFORMER in the company.

    I gotta say Kofi Kingston's a pretty damn good performer. I gotta say Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal performer. Not sure I completely agree with this statement. Just because he flings his body around over-dramatically when hitting a turnbuckle, doesn't make him the best performer in my eyes. His moveset is not much more than standard. What does he really do that's special to make him "The Best Performer"???
    DK Wrestling Savior.

    Ziggler being the "best performer" is a subjective view. There is no real "best performer" in WWE cause everyone is so good and it all depends on what people look for in the wrestler the most. To me, Ziggler entertains me more than most of the wrestlers on the roster right now and that's why I personally feel he is the best performer. You obviously don't agree, and that's fine. You don't need to and no one is making you. You have someone else you feel is the best performer? I'm fine with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE PAINFUL TRUTH
    Don't be scared of your opinion...If this is a top ten blog then throw some numbers on here

    Also...One of these guys does not belong...any guesses?

    Painful Rating: 7.5 out of 10
    I didn't feel like ranking the superstars cause I feel fans should watch them equally. If you want to rank them, by all means, rank them. =)
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