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  1. Ring Of Honor: The Saviour Of Wrestling?

    This is my first blog I've done where WWE is not the main focus. Hope you enjoy it.

    Now, I'm sure when news broke out that Ring Of Honor got a TV deal, a lot of the Indy wrestling fans and internet marks died a little bit inside. What a moment. One of the hottest Indy companies today, who not too long ago lost their TV deal, is now about to join the big leagues as a mainstream promotion. ...
  2. Kharma is a Bitch, but when she cries .....

    As usual, leave your comments down below after you read the blog.

    So last night on RAW, wrestling fans anticipated two things from the WWE. One. A tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage, which we got and what a beautiful tribute it was (not to mention CM Punk wearing a Macho Man attire in tribute to him). The second was to see Kharma come out and continue her destruction of the diva's division. ...

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  3. Rundown on the WWE Draft 2011

    Hello all. In this blog, I'm going to do a big run down of the draft picks from both RAW and the Supplemental draft, giving you guys my thoughts on each move. It is going to be quite a read. So if you don't mind, let's cut the intro and jump right into it.

    Alright. So here is the lineup of who got traded on RAW.

    John Cena to Smackdown! ... and then back to RAW. ...

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  4. R-Truth: Pros and Cons of being #1 Contender

    So apparently we have ourselves two number one contenders for the Miz's WWE championship. One of them being -- John Cena. Are we surprised? No. However, the next one is definitely a surprise. In fact, he is one of the last people I expected to contend for the title. R-Truth. His win has caused a huge uproar in the IWC with a majority of the internet fans trashing him for his win. Well in this blog, ...
  5. Wrestlemania 27: The Rise of A New Generation

    Figured I'd go ahead and write a blog giving you guys my thoughts on Wrestlemania as a whole and discussing the matches. Enjoy.

    This year's Wrestlemania showcases a lot of the younger, newer talent in WWE and I think its a great thing to see. If things turn out well, we could be seeing numerous young wrestlers being made stars by the end of he show. Now I know a lot of people have ...

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  6. Cody Rhodes: From "Dashing" Good Looks To "UnDashing" Greatness

    I could not help but dedicate an entire blog to this one Smackdown! superstar who I believe is very underrated and deserves a lot more praise than he is getting right now. That superstar is "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

    Since spliting with Legacy, a lot of fans (particularly internet fans) did not see much of a future for Cody Rhodes. They expected him to get outshone by Ted Dibiase ...
  7. Sting. You're a dumbass.

    Yeah, you read it right. Get ready for one hell of a rant in this blog. I am holding nothing back. I'm sure everyone here has read the news that Sting has re-signed with TNA and will be possibly return on this upcoming TNA iMPACT! This blog will be addressed that.

    So let me get this straight. Sting; a legend in the industry of wrestling just seriously passed up an opportunity to join ...

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  8. Two Reasons Why Sting MAY Be The Mystery Person In The 2-21-11 promo

    It is a hot topic being discussed all over the YWC and especially on this site. Who is the guy in the 2-21-11 promo? Is it a return promo for Undertaker, is it a debut promo for Sting, or is it a promo for someone else entirely? For all we know, it could be any one of these possibilities. It has been pretty hard to predict what WWE is going to do lately and who knows what might happen with creative's ...
  9. What is wrong with Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble?

    This blog includes numerous complaints I've heard and read about Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble and I am pretty much going to give you my thoughts on them. Feel free to comment about it below once you're done reading:

    So before I get started, I just want to say I am happy that Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble. Although he just got here, he is definitely worthy of winning ...
  10. Triple H is coming back. Just be patient!

    You all know the deal. Read, enjoy, and comment.

    Alright, we are two nights removed from the Royal Rumble, which I thought was a very entertaining Pay-Per-View (all matches were spot on except for the random win by Eve), and the IWC is still buzzing over the results of the show. Some positive buzzes and some negative buzzes. What I want to focus on is one particular negative buzz ...
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