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  1. The Sheep's Avatar
    Kudos! as for all these other haters, first off u all at least considered it a possibility when the promo for 2-21-11 1st aired. but fuck the promo, its not about that. and fuck sting sticking to his guns. WWE fans may not be real familiar with sting, but with all of their dvd's and on demand shows, they can educate the fans real quick. and its also dumb to assume that everyody who watches wwe are little kids with no knowledge of history. u watch right?

    Stings a dumbfuck, he has nothing left to prove but to secure his legacy. man liscensing deals alone from wwe would feed his grand kids. And his fans want him there. obviously that promo would not have been the biggest news story in a year in IWC if noone wanted to see it be true.
  2. Dax's Avatar
    We don't even know if WWE offered Sting a contract! Stop making blind assumptions when you don't work for either company. If Sting was offered millions and a one time match while he had to sit at home while his action figures are made, I am sure he would. You guys don't even know how much Sting is currently making anyway, LOL.
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  3. DXFan619's Avatar
    Oh Please, VKM.

    If this site hadn't falsely reported that Sting was in talks with WWE, then the massive outspread wouldn't have been so hyped.

    Jobbing to people? Do you really think Sting would simply allow a younger guy to go over him? I don't think Vince is stupid enough to just trample the guys legendary career, especially when it's his first run with the company, and the payoff would be massive.

    It's not WWE that messed any WCW wrestlers careers up, it was TNA after they picked them up and put them over their home grown talent when their heyday was 7 years ago.

    (Oh, and if there really is anyone to blame, it's Vince Russo. Who is ironically now working for TNA; Key Example: Goldberg)

    I don't know how anyone in their right mind can say this was the best career option for Sting to go with.
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  4. VKM's Avatar
    Sting isn't the dumb ass. Its you and everyone else who believed that it was Sting in that 2/21/11 promo. You should have never banked so hard on it being Sting vs. Undertaker. Sting made the smart decision for himself. By being with TNA, he won't be far from his family, he won't be jobbing to anyone, his career won't be detstroyed like all the other WCW wrestlers that went to WWE, and also, there are very few Sting fans in any WWE arena. The WWE universe are ignorant when it comes to Sting. Like I said, it was a smart decision for Sting.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Ok I am going to do the opposite, Sting as my friend Chris would say," You idiot" It was your decision but I truly believe you made the wrong one, I know the Tna marks will say differently but they all know deep down they are wrong. WWE would have shown you respect, you are truly earned it but no one will know the trials and tribulations of Steve Borden, just the select few, and in time your name will fail. Now lets look at the greatest of all time, The Undertaker his name will be etched in the wrestling world for eternity, I guarantee to you when the last outlaw retires(God forbid) and as the time passes everyone will still know his name will still wait until the day he dies(God Forbid) to hear the Gong which signals the presence of the Deadman. All of us will remember him but Sting your name will be lost after you retire in a few years time. Sting I wish you all the best and I respect you greatly, I'm jus sayin...
  6. Dax's Avatar
    You're the dumb ass, quite frankly. Just because a few IWC fans were making something out of a possible Sting v. Undertaker match does not mean that's what would happen if he went to WWE. Secondly, just because Sting didn't sign with TNA doesn't mean he can't make his kids proud; that's actually a disgusting thought. He can say, however, "kids, I found god and tried my hardest to help a small company grow." Don't trash Sting because you went around for a week or two telling everyone OMG HE'S HERE OMG.
  7. DXFan619's Avatar
    This is beyond ''not selling out.''

    It's Sting huge ego that's not letting him go to WWE, because he'll inevitably job to Taker, and he thinks that it's him being the final WCW star that Vince hasn't screwed over.

    In TNA, he has the strap, and can feel like he's worth something.

    It's actually very sad. This is all coming from a huge Sting mark.
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