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  1. DXFan619's Avatar
    Maybe TNA can hire Mike The Situation, from Jersey Shore to face Sting for his new TNA Heavyweight Championship.
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    I forgot to mention one thing in my last post here. For me, that would be a dream match to see Sting versus Undertaker. There are lot of dream matches that involve Sting - versus Thiple H, HBK, Randy Orton (with a Legend Killer gimmick), Kane... But it would be great if it all took place at least ten years ago! When he was not that old; when WCW just owned by WWE/F. Just imagine how huge Invasion would be if Sting were as a part of WCW team (alongside with Golgberg, Hogan, Nash and othe big WCW superstars). But this time is in past; there's no return. For me, there is no other chance for such a big event. So even if Sting were singed by WWE in 2011, it would not be such as great as could be in 2001. But still, it would be awesome, i know.
  3. NigelBarks's Avatar
    maybe he should of signed a llegends contract wit wwe, and wwe owns all property of wcw, he could of finally had a proper autobiography on dvd instead his wack tna bullshit matches one with former intercontinental champions like jeff jarret LOL
  4. TheSilk's Avatar
    Look Sting has made the decision therefore so be it, congratulations... everyone can move on now!! But I do feel if there was ever an offer there, sting was stupid to turn it down! Forget about the crap 2.21.11 promo. Everyone that says sting has made the correct decision, thats your opinion, but I do feel you are being a bit bias towards TNA. Im sure most of you watch WWE all the time even though you constantly diss the company and what they do with talents which are even in TNA or ex WCW. Can't you just admit that WWE would of been a fitting way for him to finish his career? Let's forget about the whole taker thing, why could he not of gone to WWE and had a wrestlemania match with Triple H or Randy Orton etc? he could of won and just ended it there and then.

    We all know he is going to end up in the WWE hall of fame whether you like it or not. Sadly I feel it's going to be when he is a retired 70 year old man, non recognizable from the sting we all know!!
  5. mainsjl's Avatar
    What kills me is that Sting has said for years that the WWE was not a PG friendly place to be. What about now? Isnt it TNA where a drugged out wrestler is spewing that he is the Anti-Christ of wrestling? People are cursing all of the time and a key catchphrase is "Asshole?"

    I honestly thought that the above reasons were the strongest argument on why Sting might sign with the WWE in time for least I had hoped.

    I am a big fan of the guy but this re-signing with TNA has totally baffled me.
  6. DXFan619's Avatar
    Sting wouldn't have been on the road for 365 days...

    How can you expect a 52 year old guy to sign a year long deal? The road life wouldn't have suited him, and I never even said that he should've done that. A one time Wrestlemania appearance, and possibly showing up on RAW 3 or 4 times isn't exactly going to destroy Sting's home, now is it?

    Also, this site never did say that he was exactly the man in the 2/21/11 promo, but it did report that ''Sting was allegedly a top priority for the WWE'', and that they were in talks! Now, was it stupid for me to believe such speculation? Yes, but it was even dumber for this site to report such nonsense if it wasn't confirmed, especially when Sting vs. Undertaker would've possibly been the biggest match in Pro Wrestling to date.

    Apparently, Booker T didn't care that the WWE ''screwed'' him by only giving him 1 Championship, because he's back, and that just proves he doesn't have a gigantic ego, and so much pride.

    Would it have been a gamble for Steve to join WWE? Yes, but since he didn't concentrate on the good things that could've happened, he somehow wound up in a company thats' made him even more of a joke, (TNA), and quite honestly, done nothing for Sting's legacy.
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  7. nostradameus's Avatar
    Well, at first, sorry for mistakes if you find out some; i'm not a pure english speaker. Wrestling_Deluxe, it's you one hell of a dumbass if you seriously meant all that you wrote here. I'm Sting's fan for a long time, and i was hoping to see him at last monday. But deeply in my mind i believed that this was not his promo, maybe Undertaker's. Yes, i was kind of dissapointed to find out that i was actually right. But! This is Sting's career, and this is Sting's decisions. And it's not you to blame him or speak such nonsense about his career decisions. He is already one of the biggest wrestling legends of all time. He can go whenever he wants to go, to TNA of even to Combat Zone Wrestling. And what are you sayin' about what Sting will tell his children? Are you out of your mind? He's a Sting; he's a f*cking legend! You better be thinking about what you will tell your children about your life and career, Wrestling_Deluxe.
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