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    i agree wirh mwinfie
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    I think what people are forgetting is going back to the "golden era" the IWCs so in love with...too soon pushes happened then too. NO ONE bought into Jericho when he won the undesputed title. No one bought into Booker T at WM 19. No one bought into lesnar when he beat the rock. the WWE is littered with main eventers who were pushed "too soon". its happened to all your favorates. The so called long build doesn't happen nearly as much as you like to think, the truth is people need the big stage and the main event to really show case what they can do. The best mid card wrestler in the world won't necasserily make a great main eventer. In fact many average mid carders who never shone at that level became great main eventers...Mick Foley, The Rock, Steve Austin. Give R-Truth a chance, then decide
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    I was actually expecting him to be one of the soon to be fired to make room for the youth movement. He is 39 years old and a mid carder at best at this point. Nobody buys a ticket or tunes in to listen to him rap and yell "whats up" every time he gets near a mic. My guess is sometime before the PPV he will get taken out like Kozlov was.
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    I was a fan of Truth when he was in TNA because he was a focused wrestler who had decent wrestling ability. In WWE he is a shameless crowd pleaser who is barley taken seriously.Hopefully A heel turn is coming.
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    See, While I believe that R-Truth doesn't belong in the match and is a shocker (and probably going to lead to some kind of storyline with Cena) the thing that bothers me most is he is supposed to be going for the Tag Team Championship with his nXt rookie from last season, I believe that would still be perfect to help try and re-establish a Tag Team division and is certainly where Truth is needed the most at this time (although this is probably pushed to the side for the "APPLE" vs CORRE storyline) and I REALLY would have preferred Ziggler out of the group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by candlelarbra521
    RTruth Mic skills? what are you smoking? your right the only reason he's ther is cause morrison is in the dog house. I don't think he will end up getting a main event spot now, he's to weak, he won't stand up for himself and most importantly VKM doesn't respect him.
    And you know this because...?
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    While I don't particularly care for his wrestling skill, the thing I commend is the fact that the WWE are trying something different. We honestly don't know what R-Truth could have done to gain this spot. Maybe he's done work for the company outside of the ring like the Miz to gain a spot. Maybe he's just being used as someone for the Miz to go over so that Cena doesn't lose to him multiple times. Maybe he was promised a main event spot if he toughed it out long enough. No one really it pisses me off when people bitch and moan about how such and such deserved it more. We don't know for sure who deserves it more because what you see on TV is much different than what may go on backstage. People beg for something different, but when they get it, they complain.

    Nice article. I enjoyed it.
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