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  1. Uneyque's Avatar
    I would love to see Punk feud again with Mysterio, but this time for the WWE Title.
  2. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Jericho will return to SmackDown, possibly in time for SummerSlam. Orton vs. Jericho for the latter half of the year would seem pretty likely.
  3. maar13's Avatar
    Well, if you actually think about it for a second, this scenenario is the one that makes most sense and the one that benefits The Miz the most. Think about how Cena was staked againts the odds while on his first run with the belt, just got traded and got to defend it against Jericho and Christian, who were kind of friends at the time (story line wise) and how many times these kind of matches favors the champion (In this case one the want to really build because he is seen as part of the present/future main eventers).

    This not only to benefit The Miz, but Cena and Truth as well.

    For Cena is a way of not get pinned and that if he lose, he was not really involved in the result. For Truth, is not really to question his ability (WWE knows he can step up when required, otherwise he had never had the chance), but to see if with the right booking and his work on the match, they can put someone over enough for a future main event spot.

    Yes, he is 40, big deal, Batista was 39 when he won his first title (Record said 36, but we all know that is not true), R-Truth can be there for another 5 years, he is in good shape and if he learns the name of the cities he is in (Sorry, bad joke...but I feel i had to be said ), he id good to go.

    I mean, we all want new people there and they are doing that, maybe not who we really want there (who ever that might be) but new nonetheless.

    And sorry but R-Truth is over at least with the live crowd when he can actually recall where he is (Sorry again, coudn't help it), the kids are there, Hell if you look at the crowd when he enters, everyone is singing along, now if he is given the shot to shine, I think we all can get a nice surprise from K-Kwik.
  4. bigevil1987's Avatar
    def. good blog i think truth should get a chance to shine but we all know that even if he does preform well he wont get pushed after this match it will be right back to mid card status
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    It's funny how so many people will put down someone with skill. People talk about credibility. R Truth has more than the current untalented WWE champion. The only problem with R Truth is that he was stuck in gimic hell so no one takes him seriously. I would like for him to win the title because anyone is better than the jizz, but I am sure that they will use him as getting the FU then the jizz coming back in the ring after him being out of the match for at least 5 mins straight or so, throwing Cena out and getting the pin on Truth. All he does in have someone interfere for most of a match, does 4 moves and gets away somehow. Where is the "credibility" in that? Once again someone else will do all the work and he will get the win and run away. Im not a Cena fan or a R Truth fan, but at least they can put on a match so I hope either of those two become champion.
  6. Lowki's Avatar
    He's there to get pinned by Cena. Miz loses the title without being pinned.
  7. 68wPayne's Avatar
    R Truth needs to drop the horrible rapping and horrible dancing and maybe he will be credible.
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