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    I always love how the guy who without looking, i know has the best win/loss record on the active roster, is always the underdog. The dude that won the Rumble, defeated the Rock and beat Ryback twice, once by AA'ing him through an Ambulance, was still an underdog against mark henry. Despite Cenas 13 title reigns and Henrys' zero.
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    the fact he is the so called underdog in every title match, makes him so boring and predicable
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    Nice Blog, every one has their own opinion and your not wrong if u hate or like cena ita a matter of opinion, The moment where i really started disliking john cena, the character, Was when he was forced to join the nexus and was the special guest referee in wade barret vs randy orton, with the stipulation that if Barret losses Cena is fired, now after the match i really thought his character became too much sugar coated when he was ready to lose his job but not do anything wrong, No human being would make that dumb of a decision and since then his character has just become to much sugar coated, boring and predictable to me.
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    Not to bicker about semantics but it depends on what you mean by 'better'. Yeah Cena has had more success than HBK and has been a better poster boy and more professional, but HBK had way better matches and was arguably the greatest wrestler of all time in the ring. It's hard to combine performance and professionalism and success to determine who is simply 'better'. I disagree with top 10 bc I'm confident he is overall top 5 or better all time if you asked most people.

    Also, just bc WWE lost to WCW in ratings while HBK was #1 doesn't make him a 'complete failure'. The WWE continued to prosper during those years and grow as a company. HBK wasn't the sole blame of the entire WWE programming during those years. Personally I enjoyed those years greatly and WM's 10 and 12-14 were awesome.
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    You make the comment during the blog that, "The fact that he is a 13 time world champion is ridiculous enough, but the fact that he's been portrayed to be better than people like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, HBK, HHH, and many other legends? That's a slap in the face to the sport of professional wrestling."

    In regards to "many other legends", Cena is not being portrayed as being better than Austin, Rock, Hogan or Bruno. So no, it is NOT a "slap in the face of the sport of professional wrestling." In regards to Cena being better than HBK, yes Cena is much better. First, HBK was a complete failure when he was the #1 guy. Substance abuse issues, losing his smile and not being durable (hence the 5 years off with the back injury) are exactly why HBK does not belong in this conversation. Was HBK a great worker, you bet. Top ten wrestler of all time...debatable but probably. However, was he able to carry the torch after Bret passed it to him, hell no. When Shawn was the #1 guy, he was feuding with Vader and Sid. Meanwhile, Cena as the #1 guy has feuded with Rock and Lesner. I give HBK credit for dropping the strap to Austin at mania but other than that, during his time as "the guy", the WWE kind of sucked. Anyways sorry for the rant, this was an entertaining blog to read.
  6. Jack Hammer's Avatar
    I wish people who don't like Cena would stop booing. Then there is less of a reaction for him and WWE might bother to push somebody at least a little bit entertaining down our throats for ten years. Why cant everyone who hates him just sit with their arms folded and stay silent? Stop encouraging this nonsense by booing!

    The absolute worst thing about John Cena is when Michael Cole describes him as the most controversial champion in history. There is nothing controversial about getting booed by half the audience. As a face it means your not doing your job. Now on the other hand, when talking about Chris Benoit they can call him controversial all they like, as that actually makes sense. (I am not endorsing Benoit).

    I cant stand how WWE just makes stuff up to try and make him seem cool, or uses particular words, like I've just mentioned to make him seem edgier.

    I saw Big Show on a Dvd once say the following, it may not be an exact quote:

    'The same people who boo John Cena, would run over their Grandmother for the chance to go and see him.'

    Yes Big Show I'm sure the other 20 guys on the card had nothing to do with drawing on a show. The fans are stupid, and will pay just to see somebody they don't like. Big Show may have been prompted to say this, because I don't believe he's actually that stupid.

    WWE just making shit up. Its so annoying!!!

    Stop Booing and BE SILENT - PASS IT ON!
  7. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Interesting read, Deluxe. Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of John Cena the wrestler, and I'm no kid (50+ years old). Of course John Cena the man is a different person from John Cena the wrestler. That they're both one and the same is like thinking that James Gandolfini was a terrible person because of his role in the Sopranos. The late Mr. Gandolfini was an actor, and so in many ways is John Cena. All wrestlers are actors. Do you think the Undertaker acts like his character in real life? Of course not. So just like you can be a fan of James Gandolfini for his acting abilities but despise the Tony Soprano character, you can also respect John Cena the man but hate his on-camera persona. Here are some of the reasons why I like John Cena the wrestler:
    • He is incredibly strong. Remember when he lifted the Big Show and Chris Jericho over his shoulders at the same time?
    • He recovers from injuries at a remarkable rate, even attending shows the day after surgery.
    • He's a much better pure wrestler than the IWC gives him credit for. While he's not in CM Punk's or Daniel Bryan's league, he in on equal par to most other wrestlers, with more than just 5 moves.
    • He's great at playing to the crowd. While more than half the fans may boo him when he enters the ring, listen to what happens when his promo takes off. A great many of the Cena haters end of cheering him because of what he says and how he says it. When he enters the ring, he's hated by 75% of the fans and liked by 25%, but when his promo is over he's liked by 75% of the fans and hated by only 25%. At least, that's the way it comes across listening to the fans in the arenas. Which, fortunately for Cena, contains only a tiny percentage (5%?) who are IWC folks.

    Do any of you remember when Bruno Sammartino used to wrestle? Bruno NEVER lost clean. In fact, during his multi-year run as champ, he never lost period. Not once, ever, in about 4-5 years. He won every single match. He was the champ and the face of the WWWF, not a good technical wrestler by any means, and he absolutely NEVER lost. I know it's a different time now, but still, look at Hogan during his main time in the WWF/WWE. With a rare exception (such as his Wrestlemania loss to the Ultimate Warrior), Hogan almost never lost, and only once or twice did he lose clean. And again, Hogan was not a good technical wrestler either. Cena has lost way more than Bruno or Hogan. Austin and the Rock, when they were face champions, almost never lost except to each other. The #1 face of the company is not supposed to lose clean. And Cena doesn't.
    One last comment to those fans who say that Cena should tell Vince and management to push other wrestlers besides him: are you insane? Tell me one person in the history of the planet who would ever say to their boss: "Hey Mr. Owner, don't promote me, please promote this other guy instead because I've already been promoted a lot, and he deserves it more than I do." Come on, get real. Cena has put over other wrestlers, such as CM Punk and the Miz, just like I suspect he will put over Daniel Bryan by losing to him at Summer Slam. When Cena beat the Rock for the title, which was the plan for a few years culminating at Wrestlemania 29, I figure they'd let him hold onto the title for a few months up until the next big pay per view, then give it to someone else, such as Bryan. Anything less would cheapen Cena, which you don't do to your #1 face.
    To summarize, I think Cena does a very good job as the #1 face of the company, and I don't find him stale at all. Many adults don't, despite what some folks in the IWC think. Do you have the right to hate Cena the wrestler but respect Cena the man? Of course. But you're also allowed to like Cena the wrestler (with occasionally corny promos and all, most of which I still find very entertaining), which I do. Just like you're allowed to think he sucks, I think he's really good. We're both absolutely allowed to do that, one like him and one hate him. He's not my favorite, Christian and Chris Jericho are. But just like you're allowed to hate him, I should be allowed to like him without the IWC thinking I'm gay for him or I'm 12 years old, of which I'm neither. As long as you're fair about that point, we're good. Thanx for the fun read.
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