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    It's the fact that wrestling isn't as popular as it used to be combined with the way the mid-card belts are traded and the fact there aren't any good stories over them. Also cause there aren't as many good midcarders. There's pretty much not tension at all around the IC or US belts. Neither Dolph nor Kofi can get a great promo off at this point, and the crowd doesn't care about Jackson. Barrett has heat but seems to be starting to slow down.

    Here's how myself I would book the titles.

    Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel for the IC title. Heath Slater in Gabriel's corner. Slater turns on Gabriel before he wins. Barrett makes nice with Slater. Slater blindsides Barrett with title. Next show Slater comes out and talks about he wanted to help Gabriel get the title off Barrett because Gabriel was easier but comments Gabriel made and the way Gabriel acted changed his mind. Both guys come out and answer Slater. We set up a three way for the next ppv. Slater almost wins. Barrett cheats. Gabriel wins OR loses but wins soon after vs Barrett not Slater. After that Barrett goes up a rung and Slater and Gabriel feud.

    Right there you have 3 things you used to have. Fairly well known guys, personal tension, a decent reign.

    Dolph and Kofi for the US title. Dolph uses Vickie to put Kofi through some kind of endurance thing. Dolph talks about how Kofi is imperfect and not technically sound like Dolph is. Dolph says Kofi pays too much attention to the fans because he relates to them because they're imperfect like him. Keep playing up Kofi as one of the guys. Make Dolph look like a bastard but a skilled/powerful bastard. Kofi goes through the gauntlet and wins with the help of the fans for once instead of missing his thousandth trouble in paradise. srsly WWE you cannot have that huge a runup to a finisher if it never hits. After that Kofi tries to estrange Dolph and Vickie. It starts to work. Kofi goes up against Dolph and wins clean. Kofi doesn't get the belt for some reason. Kofi wins the title clean after that. Dolph realizes his distance from Vickie hurt him and the two emerge from the feud tighter and on the upswing.
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    I totally agree with you, but the one and only wrestler that doesn't fit or deserve the main-event card is John Cena.
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    I agree too. But I think you underestimate the less vocal part of the fans and even IWC. And I think WWTNA Mark is right with the last sentence: they don't really do anything with the lower midcard. There's a complete lack of up and down movement.

    Take Sheamus and Jack Swagger for example. Pushed to a great height, then a great drop, they didn't solidify themselves as upper midcarders. What it is that's necessary I don't know, but I'm not only going to blame WWE. If you make the best of it and make the loss look good, you'll get your chance (see Christian).

    Sorry, gliding away from the point here. I like what you said. And I like the midcard, both in WWE and TNA.
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    This is the best blog I have ever read man. I agree. Not every wrestler is fitted to be main eventers. Some wrestlers are mid-carders at best and others are lucky to escape the mid-card division. I just hope the IWC realizes that not everyone can be World Champs even if they are good wrestlers.

    As for the bookers/creative writers, I agree as well. In the WWE, they only care for their main event scene. Thats probably Vince's only worries, the main event scene. I will say that WWE has been improving by signing great wrestlers like Sin Cara and showcasing great talent like Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolf Ziggler, Big Zeke, Wader Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Evean Bourne. By the way, remember when the WWE division used to have great storylines OUTSIDE of the main event scene? Yeah, missed those days.
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    @GlamourGirl, hey I used to do the same thing as you record it and watch it over 15 mins (mainly to fast forward to CM Punk's match). But now I don't watch at all; I mainly just read about it on the web, because I am so bored and sick of WWE's crap; that for me it's a protest vote, everyone needs to start doing the same, to force VKM to wake up into the real world and get over his arrogance and start booking proper wrestling matches. Before all the annoying people who constantly post comments telling people to get with it, start saying their crap to me; remember people are entitled to post their views (without them what would be the point of forums). Plus I am 35 years old and have been watching WWE/WWF since the start of wrestlemania. I was such a mark that I point blank refused to watch WCW as I seen them as the enemy. But enough is enough how can I back a promoter that has clearly lost his mind and treats the very people who have been so loyal to him over decades like dog turd. If something isn't done soon WWE and maybe even wrestling as a whole could be in real trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassling_Fan
    Man, you are so misinformed...

    WWE's Polls aren't rigged, they're predictable. They know that the majority would pick specific options or people when given the change. The same thing happened when Christian lost his title, the choices were heel Henry, heel Sheamus, or Face Orton. Who do you think the audience was going to cheer for?

    As for Mason Ryan example, that should be a proof that IT ISN'T RIGGED. Why would the WWE want to put Mason in a match when they're Pushing Evan recently and are trying to make Sin Cara as Marketable as Rey Mysterio? It was obvious to everyone except the results that Sin Cara was going to face Evan Bourne, but excess votes for Kelly Kelly messed that up. We'll be seeing that next week.

    And you do have to remember that this is the power to the people, not to the Internet Wrestling Community. There are more people out there watching Wrestling than the IWC. You could have people who actually wanted to see the Arm Wrestling or Trolls who wanted to ruin the event for people.
    Just noticed all of this.. Yup, the voting was 100% predictable. I'm pretty sure that the voting system works like this; Match type then choice A, B, C. If there was a run on of votes from the match before, like it was claimed, then this scenario makes sense. So instead of voting for ryan, they just counted any votes coming in as "choice B". So instead of it being sin cara, delayed voting meant that option B (example) wasn't going through as kelly kelly, it was now being counted as Mason Ryan. So wouldn't this indicate that it WAS actually the fans votes counting as the error shows? It shows that an influx of votes due to the quick change in recipients meant that Ryan was inadvertantly voted for.
    You know it's predictable when they have the choices we saw in the Divas match; Kelly was always going to win that one because Beth isn't as popular as her by a long shot (no matter how butt hurt people in the IWC get, just accept it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl
    Ok first off this was a great blog and I agree 110%. Second I feel the need to comment on Rassling Fan's comment since I'm starting to worry that he believes wrestling is real and somehow (even if the people actually voted for Mason Ryan) that he beat Evan Bourne simply because he's bigger and badder and not because WWE creative wanted him to win. Seriously dude you sound kind of naive right now like the kind of person that believes everything the president or government says because God forbid people in possitions of power lie. The only way Kelly Kelly got a bunch of last minute votes was if WWE creative personel were texting their fingers off making it happen. Finally I want to comment on Rampant Lion's comment. Vince may be your God but he's not mine, I'm not going to be watching RAW next week or any week. As usual I'll record it, skip through everything John Cena related and end up watching a 15-20 minute version of the PG crap WWE is nowadays.
    even though u say you'll skip it... you say you'll record it. So he's still making money. Also I agree a little with rampant lion, nothing in this world is perfect and something got screwed up. WWE usually has back up plans in case the people chose whoever and thats what we saw, a back up plan.
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