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    Hell yea we have the right to nitpick. I don't see no problem in it. It is like these dudes on here who get criticized for their blogs. Edit comments, delete them, ect. Early on when I started blogging, I took it hard when I received criticism, but now it is far more positive reaction than negative. I'll be more than happy to take the good with the bad. Not everything is perfect in any wrestling promotion right now. TNA, ROH, or WWE all have good things and bad things about them.

    I'll tell you something I don't like about each promotion: TNA: triple threat maches every single X-Division match.
    WWE: Del Rio is the world champion.
    ROH: Tag division is taking a backseat for whatever reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979
    You know for someone who 'despises' Cena, you dedicate an awfully great amount of time to writing and making videos about him!

    He also spends a great deal of time avoiding comments to the things he says, unless of course you agree with him, to which he basks in the glory of his point of view being justified.
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    You know for someone who 'despises' Cena, you dedicate an awfully great amount of time to writing and making videos about him!
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    Oh WD_08, are you trolling the interwebs again?

    Let’s get some feedback on your talking points, shall we?

    It simply means to give credit where credit is due. Should fans give credit to John Cena for contributing to the business? Absolutely. Should fans respect Cena for his positive effect on our children nowadays? Absolutely. Should fans respect the heart of gold Cena has? Absolutely.

    You forgot to mention, “Should fans give Cena credit as being THE best/most successful character in WWE since featuring him tends to produce higher revenue for the company, which would ultimately indicate a “successful” character? Absolutely.” And no, I am not saying that your personal tastes should transform to start “liking” Cena, but giving “credit where credit is due” would mean crediting Cena as being the most successful character in the WWE over the past decade.

    At this point in time, I've heard all the arguments and read every single attempt to get fans to "respect" Cena. Let's be real. Cena has respect. 90% of the fans that boo him on a regular basis are very aware of his contributions to the business and his media attention. Most of them, I guarantee you, are thankful for it. Does that mean they have to say he's the greatest of all time, or ONE of the greatest of all time? No. That just means what it means. Thank you Cena for the media coverage and getting my children to watch wrestling.

    You also forgot to say “Thank you Cena for giving me CM Punk.” Yes, Punk got over on a higher level because of Cena. As much as those who praise Punk loved to blast Cena, they tend to forget that the greatest moments for CM Punks career thus far have been majorly centered around John Cena. When the history books are written, it will be the “Pipebomb” after the Cena beat down and MITB match with Cena that will define CM Punks career. Every superhero needs a nemesis. (Depending on who you ask) Batman had Joker, Spiderman had Venom; if Punk is your hero, Cena will be your nemesis and we all know you can’t have a great superhero without a great nemesis. The sad thing? CM Punk won’t go down in Cena’s history books as his greatest nemesis either as that spot still belongs to Edge in my opinion.

    What’s even more humorous to me? If you think D-Bryan is over now, imagine if he wins at SS and Orton cashes in. Bryan is soaring right now, but if Cena puts him over at SS, only to have Orton cash in on this version of Face Bryan, Daniel Bryan will be a certain next-gen HBK in my opinion. Orton would be the hottest heel in the industry. Both events will be directly linked to Cena putting over Bryan (which would be another reason to “like” Cena as he tends to be directly linked to the guys that you “approve” who are becoming fixtures in the main event). Like I said IF they let Bryan go over Cena.

    All I know is, he is not my cup of tea and I literally get tons of pleasure seeing him get his ass beat ... when he's suppose to be a "good" guy and this guy the WWE universe LOVES and admires, according to WWE. Obviously something is amiss and I don't think I'm at fault here.

    You have claimed through your entire blog that this is how YOU feel about Cena, which is your right. However I question why you think something is wrong with WWE because of your personal feelings as well as question you on how it is the WWE’s “fault” that you feel this way about Cena. He is a character on a television show; is it Fox’s fault that you didn’t like character X on their TV show? Is it Paramount’s fault that you despised character 3 from their hit movie? What I think is “amiss” is that you are investing beyond your emotional capacity into the WWE product and you’re upset that the characters you are most pleased with aren’t getting the spotlight that YOU feel they deserve/should be standing in. That, my friend, IS your fault. You don’t have to “like” John Cena’s character, but you also don’t have to invest in him as much as you are doing so. The contradiction to that is when these guys that you do “like” go over Cena, you end up backing them harder, which makes this a rather interesting catch-22, now doesn’t it?
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    John Cena is like Iphone for Apple . A success formula for the company .Untill it stops giving revenue the company will never feel the urge to change it or improve it .

    Yes at times 'bug-fixes' may come up to keep the product remain interesting for the consumer . But again , we know who are his consumers .

    And since TNA is nowhere close to WWE in terms of market ; hence WWE is absolutely happy with their top guy .

    They will continue to give him heel contenders who can actually make you watch the match . In the process you as a viewer although may be watching Cena's ass getting beaten up but essentially you are watching CENA .

    Rest assured every product comes with an expiry date . Wait until that arrives guys
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    Fact of the matter is I also find Cena bland, boring & predictable as a in ring performer. I hear he's one of the nicest guys on the planet though. Fans have the right to cheer or boo who we want. Cena's whole in ring persona has gotten stale & is in serious need of some flavor. The main reason most fans can't stand him is he's forced down our throats as a great performer, he's a good performer not great & much like Hogan in the 80's, Bruno in the 70's & Rock in the 90's he depends mor on his personality than in ring skill to get himself over. End of the day, if you like him (or any wrestler) or not you have to respect the fact that they all risk life & limb to entertain us!
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    You can despise a guy all you want, it's your prerogative. But where people cross the line is whenever they wish injury or death on him. That's unacceptable. I don't care how corny or boring he is. That's a line you don't cross, and it makes you way worse than the way you view Cena.
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