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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I wanted the WWE title to be defended at Survivor Series. Look at the earlier Survivor Series when you just had tag team matches the whole show. It was started to be good when you had just a few classic Survivor Series matches. I bet this match will out draw last years SS with Rock/Cena team vs Miz/Truth.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Has to do with buy-rates. The E has the numbers to back it up. Tag Team main events dont sell PPVs. Putting Ryback in the HIAC main event stimulated sales in a positive direction and Vince wants to capitalize on this. Makes perfect sense to me. Punk can retain in a match like this without going over Ryback.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    You're absolutely right it makes absolutely no freaking sense!
    Tradition is key, and Survivor Series is something that you plan months in advance, not on-the-spot and improvised. It was a complete embarrassment.
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I too believe it made no sense to change the match. I personally have always enjoyed "traditional survivor series matches". My only complaint about the match was the participants. It's too easy just putting a couple feuds in one match. I would have rather have seen Orton and Barrett's feud culminate in a #1 contenders match. If WWE ever remembered past feuds they'd leave Orton away from Foley's team. Same as Del Rio and Punk. It would have been an excellent opportunity to introduce Dean Ambrose considering his past with Foley (if he's healed that is). I think they could have bulit a suvivor match around Miz and Kofi as well. Just for fun, here's my card:

    Team Punk vs Team Foley
    (CM Punk, Antonio Cessaro, Dean Ambrose, Dolf Ziggler, Brock Lesnar (the suprise participant!) vs Ryback, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Christian, John Cena)

    Sheamus vs Big Show

    The Boom Squad vs The Mizfits (come on. all the old teams had silly names!)
    (Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne (if ready, if not, Brodus Clay) vs Miz, 3MB, Jack Swagger)

    Eve vs Kaitlyn

    Orton vs Barrett #1 contender's last man standing match

    The Interneters vs
    (Zack Ryder, Santino, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Johnny Curtis vs PTP, Primo & Epico, Curt Hawkins)

    3 traditional matches allowing a few rarely used stars to step up. Leaves off Del Rio, but whatever Just a quick thought. Maybe refine it later.
  5. Slivon's Avatar
    You should have left that guy in the video out of this blog, he pissed me off with his hair, his, voice, and his his opinions.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    You knew what was going to happen in a Goldberg match...but you still watched. Ryberg needs to find that niche.
    Goldberg is from a different era...n from a different time...

    again as much as I hate to say any thing positive about that man esp after he pissed every fan at wrestlemania...I have to agree that Goldberg has got a lot of charisma than Ryback...
  7. Pagey21's Avatar
    Id love to see a triple threat tlc match between sin cara & mysterio, rhode scholers and team hello no at tlc this would be epic i love watching tag teams its a shame they seen to be losing vewiers every week coz wwe is doing a great job with the tag team division as of late but people still have to complain

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