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  1. Cross's Avatar
    What I laughed at about CM Punk's celebration was there were no balloons. Haha. Anyways, good blog, awesome video that hits from point to point. Enjoying them.
  2. christianfan's Avatar
    your blogs are the only blogs i read. I like to see who gained and who lost viewers. Great blogs.
  3. Cynicism's Avatar
    I'm glad someone took offence at the same bit I did, the showing Jerry dead on a stretcher was very poor taste, a heel gaining heat from a consenting face, a bit cheap but I can put up with that. Why not show a highlight reel of Jerry's Career for his comeback rather than the near end of it?
  4. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Let's be real here. The fake heart attack angle that CM Punk, Heyman, and the WWE was very sickning. I'm sure Lawler was ok with the segment, but do people really want to see this? Obviously not. I know they try to give CM Punk more heat, but it reminds me more of the crap they pulled in past years. For example, the balls plasy with JR, Vicki and Mickie James weight..etc.. As far as edgy goes, yeah I'd agree to a certian extent. The segment never would have happened 3 weeks ago. And why? Because Linda McMahon was going for her Sentae race. The attitude era is definetly over and I miss it as well. But it's not coming back. So WWE needs to wake up and quit taking pot shots at their talent.
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    If WWE wanted to announce its return to edgy, this was the completely wrong way to do it and the viewers thankfully responded.

    It's like you say, WWE is disgusting for not only having someone shoot the footage of Lawler dying but actually showing everyone and trying to turn this into kayfabe.

    Let me ask you a question.....What's your favorite moment from the entire Attitude Era? For most people, it has nothing to do with being "edgy." but they usually are big time moments, which is what WWE doesn't understand.

    The show is just way too vanilla now. That doesn't mean every week you have to explode DX's trailer or have Austin come spray the McMahons with a beer truck but they don't even try to think big anymore.
  6. ewantu2's Avatar
    Big Show vs Sheamus has had long build, and the WWE title match, but the rest of the matches had like 1 week lol.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    **Even the announcers didn't know what to make of it. They were just as loss as we were. This obviously was made up on the spot.**

    You can't be serious? There is no way you can be serious with this statement.

    Okay. This is very very simple. Whatever you see on WWE television, save for real injuries, IS A PART OF THE SCRIPT. Everyone knows it's happening and everyone acts shocked and surprised because everyone on camera, IS ACTING AS PER THE SCRIPT.

    Now that's out of the way. I sort of agree with you about the Survivor Series match. It's probably better than the triple threat title match. However, this triple threat match is a way to not have Roidback job, and also, not have Punk look weak and lose. Expect Roidback to have Cena beat, and a CM Punk low-blow and steal the win. Then, there's also the money aspect of it.
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