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  1. Daniel Bryan DESERVES To Be A WWE World Champion!

    I am really happy to be a wrestling fan right now.

    Internet fans, especially ROH fans, rejoice! You have TWO top-notch Indy wrestlers as the top two world champions in wrestling TODAY. CM Punk is the WWE champion and he is doing a fine job as one too. Then as a result of a Money In The Bank cash in on Big Show last night at TLC, Daniel Bryan is now, as I am writing of this blog, the ...
  2. Is Daniel Bryan Ready To Be A World Champion?

    Amongst the huge discussion with John Cena and his possible heel turn, I've decided to throw another topic of discussion into the mix. I'll probably be doing more of these blogs focusing on one wrestler, depending on how they are received. So let's kick things off with my current favorite wrestler in WWE, Daniel Bryan.

    One question I see going around the IWC is "Mr. ...

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  3. Daniel Bryan On The Back Burner

    This blog is dedicated to one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE currently. He is the United States champion, "American Dragon" Daniel Bryan (Danielson). After reading, please do take a second and leave a comment about what you read.

    Alright. Now, hopefully, I am not the only one that's realized Daniel Bryan has not defended his United States championship since his match against ...

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