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  1. niafv1's Avatar
    Bryan is being killed off to make Bray Wyatt Legitimate. The shenanigans in Seatle was likely the final straw. WWE Pushes who they want to, not who the fans want.
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    I like how talks in the third person. I do like that WWE are letting fans make videos for their channel.
    I like it when people talk about themselves in the third person too....

    right up to the point where they start doing finger paintings with their own faeces and murdering people.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    I like how talks in the third person. I do like that WWE are letting fans make videos for their channel.
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I completely understand where you are coming from because my personal favorite trend in the IWC are those posts made by that DRG guy. Dude is amazingly brilliant and every post he makes is pure gold, Pulitzer Prize worthy, comments that could be the birth of world peace, the end of universal hunger, and the beginning of the age of enlightenment for the entire human race! He is the next Hawkins; only with more charisma and getting more real life action.

  5. Cross's Avatar
    Soon as I saw the title, I was like, "Yep, it's Dalyxman." Love the Mash-ups my friend. I have been to happy to be a loyal subscriber on Youtube (Christian4everish btw) to you for an entire year. Again, really love the mash-ups. Amazing job how you amalgamate the pitches and rhythm. And my favorite has to be Triple H and Drew Mcytyres. Mainly cause I am bias towards Broken Dreams, but still.
  6. TimfromRangerObserver's Avatar
    I like Cena as a person. I just don't like the character/gimmick/wrestler that WWE has him portraying post Wrestlemania 21.
  7. shortncurly's Avatar
    This is a fantastic blog my man. I feel like everyday someone is posting something along the lines of "It's wrestling, just enjoy it or don't watch," so it is refreshing to read this. I love wrestling, and if I invest my time and money into it I feel I have the right to criticize it.
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