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    ABYSS: As long as he doesn’t do main event I like him.

    AJ STYLES: Phenomenal. What else can be said about the guy. He is the TNA original and I fell he will be the one that people remember most about TNA should it go under 15-20 years from now.

    AMAZING RED: Great worker. He does the old fashioned route and gains the fans love simply based off his amazing in ring skill. He puts the wrestling back into Pro-Wrestling.

    ANGELINA: She is by far my favorite womens wrestler between the top two (WWE-TNA). She plays a great face and an even better heel. Not to mention she is also a very gifted athlete.

    BEER MONEY: I remember when they formed. I did not think very much of them at the time. But as time went on, Beer Money grew on me. I do feel they should really incorporate the money aspect into their gimmick though. Maybe have them hire henchmen with Robert Roode’s money.

    BRIAN KENDRICK: Another good worker. It is a shame that the X-Division has been a bit lackluster lately though. He’s one of those guys that makes a better contender for a title than actual champion.

    CHELSEA: She’s simply eye candy to me. I haven’t seen much of her other than her pretty face. So it’s hard to judge. Personally I don’t think Desmond Wolf needs her as a manager.

    CHRISTY HEMME: Good wrestler, good interviewer, good eye candy. An all around good asset to the company.

    D'ANGELO DINERO: It’s amazing how much WWE wasted on this guy. I mean, he used to be a nobody in the big ocean, now he’s a shining star in the small sea. All I have to say is Pope is Pimpin!

    DAFFNEY: The company could move on without her. Maybe since she doesn’t have Dr. Stevie no more, pair her up with Abyss and her and Janice can share him lol.

    DESMOND WOLFE: Personally, I don’t feel he is as great as others say he is. He is a great mic worker as well as wrestler. He really needs just one big push before I’ll pay any more attention on him though.

    DON WEST: I liked West as an announcer, but I like Taz more so I wont say bring him back. Maybe utilize him more often? Maybe turn him into the next Jim Cornette?

    DOUGLAS WILLIAMS: Get that freakin title off of him! Good wrestler though. He’d be a better TV champ.

    ERIC BISCHOFF: A good persona to have around. He is the Anti-Vince if you know what I mean. His ideas could be better, but when he’s on fire, baby he’s burnin.

    ERIC YOUNG: He has proven himself to be a good heel. But what Eric Young needs to do is tune up his wrestling skills just a little bit and then throw him into contendership for the X title.

    GENERATION ME: My current favorite tag team. I see a lot of Shane Helms and Shannon Moore in these two. Keep them around TNA!
    HAMADA: Good wrestler, but nothing for her in TNA.

    HERNANDEZ: The next big thing. His skills are amazing in almost everything he does. He has proven himself as a tag and singles wrestler. Something most can not do.

    HULK HOGAN: He would be better if he only spoke once during the night.

    JAY LETHAL: Glad to see his Macho Man gimmick over. Although, I still do not feel much coming from Jay. I feel he is only there because he is one of the originals.

    JEFF HARDY: Go back to WWE. Leave your bad wrestling and bad attitude in the bad company.

    JEFF JARRETT: Forever a Double J fan. Much respect to him for starting TNA. Although I do feel he plays on the founder gimmick too much. Maybe quit wrestling and solely be a man of authority.
    JEREMY BORASH: Keep this dude in TNA. Maybe even give him an in ring talk show? I know it’s very WWE to do that, but this guy would make me want to watch it.

    JESSE NEAL: Keep it up kid!

    KAZARIAN: He is just one small push away from busting out onto that main event scene and finally capturing gold. Hopefully fortune does not hold him back at all.

    KEVIN NASH: I like big sexy, but he needs to stop wrestling. Maybe take a year off and make a big return far from now. Until then, not much hype from this guy.

    KIYOSHI: Suicide now I think. As Kiyoshi he never did anything amazing other than wrestle good. Seems to be the same with Suicide as well. Get him away from that mask and put him into the X division title picture.

    KURT ANGLE: The best in the world.

    LACEY VON ERICH: Go away.

    MADISON RAYNE: Vast improvement done on her part. She is talking better, wrestling better and can very easily get that heat when needed.

    MAGNUS: Keep him ni a tag team. He’s an okay worker, okay talker. Nothing special about this guy.

    MATT MORGAN: Worst wrestler between the big two companies.

    MICK FOLEY: I almost feel that he is tainting TNA. If TNA ever got a second brand I would put him and Don West as commentators.

    MIKE TENAY: Good commentator. He does not know how to excite the audience that well though. He really needs to scream when needed. His job is to provide voice work. He needs to incorporate all aspects of his voice. But overall he is good.

    MOTORCITY MACHINE GUNS: Great tag team, TNA, don’t you ever split these two up! They really set the bar for younger workers.

    MR ANDERSON: Amazing. He is a super heel/baby face and everything in between. His mic skills are the best IMO. Dare I say he’s a crossover between Cena and Austin on the mic?

    ORLANDO JORDAN: Okay, I swear I’m not gay, but I love this guy! He really plays up on the freaky gay guy we all try to avoid at the party. He does not need mic skills to make him a great character. But I do feel that he would get stale rather fast. We can only see so many pieces of gum get stuck in So Cal Val’s mouth.

    RAVEN: Go away.

    RHINO: See above.

    RIC FLAIR: Retire.

    ROB TERRY: Build this guy up! Send him back down to a school where he can really give it good training for a few months. Improve the wrestling as well as the mic skills and you my friends have the potential next Triple H.

    ROB VAN DAM: Ugh. He made the TNA World title look bad. He’s past his prime.

    SAMOA JOE: Badass! Keep him as a badass. Whether it be heel, face or out in space! Maybe give him one run as the tv champ before going main event again though.

    SARITA: Her and Taylor Wild are only there to keep the womens tag titles relevant.

    SHANNON MOORE: He’d make a great X division champ. But theres not much more advancement he can do beyond that. Maybe ink inc can work with Gen Me in a feud over the tag titles.

    SO CAL VAL: Okay, I’m a little biased here. I love redheads. I like her as an interviewer and all around personality.

    STEVIE RICHARDS: Wasn’t Hardcore Justice your last stand buddy? Just go back to the indies or retire already.

    STING: Most well known worker to have never worked for Vince McMahon. A feat only few can accomplish. Although, I do feel that he ruined any momentum AJ got when he retired him last year. He should really do one last retirement angle then call it good.

    SUICIDE: See Kiyoshi.

    TAYLOR WILDE: See Sarita.

    TAZ: A great announcer. He’s probably the best in TNA. Don’t let this guy go.

    TEAM 3D: Good tag team in their prime. But I feel they should focus in training the guys who need it at their school. Guys like Rob Terry.

    TOMKO: Thank god he is gone.

    TOMMY DREAMER: Okay, we can only take s much bitching and moaning about how ECW is your life. Quit crying and go spend some time with your family already. You deserve it.

    VELVET SKY: Second favorite female performer. Although I do feel some more wrestling training wouldn’t hurt at all.
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    Since you put this comment up. Homicide, Rosie Lottalove and Tomko were released from their contracts. But I like the first post you did and agree with some of the talent TNA has and who deserves to be given a push in the company and some who need to be pushed out of the company.

    Also Maybe TNA should let Explosion be a seperate brand to impact and let the young and up coming talent be on screen and perform and hopefully impress the fans.

    Who i think deserves a push in TNA.

    Desmond Wolf/Nigel McGuinness.
    This guy is being jobbed due to heat on him backstage which from reports his Ego has put him out of favour right now but this guy deserves a big push as he is one of a few British Gems that Wrestling has and can go toe to toe with the best.

    Give this woman the appreciation she deserves. Push her to a title shot and be a champion. Fantastic talent and should be given a big shot.

    Eric Young.
    Misused, abused and not being utilised well. Also he has had more face/heel turns in months than most wrestlers have in years.

    Generation ME.
    Reminds me of when the Hardy Boyz when they first got a big push by the WWE. Maybe an image change and also Utilise them more against other teams to put them over would make these two young guys the future of tag team wrestling.

    Jay Lethal.
    I agree with you that i'm glad they got rid of "Black Machismo" as he is now gaining popularity in his own right and not a throwback gimmick. Ric Flair likes him and is giving this young man the time to get over with the fans and TNA. I want him to do well.

    Jeremy Borash.
    Get him backstage like he was a few years back and not a Ring Announcer. Steven De Angelis who was the Ring Announcer at Hard Core Justice should be a permanent Ring Announcer as I feel he fits the role very well and has a powerful voice.

    I agree this guy has talent and a sense of humour as well. Develop this guy well and he can become a big name one day.

    Motor City Machine Guns.
    I think TNA should now go back to it's roots and get the X Division back on the map and maybe have an X Division Tag team Championship and get some of the younger high flying talent pushed more and Make MCMG be one of the tag teams to promote it.

    Matt Morgan.
    A big man that is not not being used right. Reminds me of a young Mark Calloway who was a mid carder in WCW until the WWE Made him the Phenom and a legend. Give Matt Morgan a character change and make him a major force.

    Samoa Joe.
    Anyone remember the Abduction angle? It died so quickly it was forgotten.
    Make this guy the tweener and give us the Samoa Joe we all know and want back. A guy who does not give a sh*t and has awesome matches.

    Who I feel needs to be pushed out of TNA.

    Hulk Hogan.
    A man who 30 years ago was a future legend and 30 years on is hogging the spotlight. Give the young guys the spotlight.

    Eric Bischoff.
    Unless he can come up with something more interesting instead of going back to 1997 then let someone else with fresh ideas to do the job. Elimination Chamber was a great concept by him though.

    The BAND/NWO/KLIQ...whatever.
    I know with the exception of Kevin Nash, the rest have gone. But Kevin Nash. Same as Hulk Hogan. Time to hang up the Boots and let the younger guys flourish. and too money motivated.

    Lacey Von Erich.
    Take her to a wrestling school and then bring her back when she CAN wrestle.

    Orlando Jordan.
    Sorry this guy is no Goldust, and his Bi angle is just too tacky and maybe a bit too much for some people to stomach. Yes he is Bi in real Life but people want to see WRESTLING not a man looking effeminate. I do not have an issue with peoples sexuality and maybe some gay/bi men feel he is a bit too OTT.

    Vince Russo.
    The guy who practically killed WCW and made David Arquette WCW champion. Reason why Jim Cornette is not with TNA. It is because Cornette was honest to admit that he could not give 100% commitment while Russo is in charge of creative. Cornette bought substance and bite to TNA. Russo brings dross and crap angles.
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    Fair comment about Batista. What I meant is that he's a big guy, who can do about 3 power moves and that's it!
    All I've seen of Val on youtube, is a trivia question on TNA today, and backstage stuff on PPV's, which Christy could do!
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    The only two I disagree with are So Cal Val and Tomko. I'll start with So Cal Val.
    She does so many things on TNA's YouTube channel. She does about as much on there as Jeremy Borash and she's quite good at what she does.
    Then about what you said about Tomko being TNA's Batista. Well he can't be TNA's Batista if he isn't in the title picture 24/7. Also to be like Batista you have to be a big guy, who is always in the main events and can't wrestle to a certain extent. Oh yeah you have to make your debut in your mid 30s. Tomko has got talent to a certain degree but TNA just isn't letting him Showcase it.
    Oh and as for Eric Young, he has competed in Japan before. Here's one match I have found of him competing there:
    He enters last in the battle royal.

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