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  1. My view on the TNA talent, July 29th 2011

    ABYSS: Always gonna be there, accepted in main event scene, interested to see if he leaves Immortal what will happen to him

    AJ STYLES: Hope he does well in BFG series. One of the guys that built the company, would be nice if he got a little more recognition in the main events

    ALEX SHELLEY: Love MMG, but Sabin's injury might not be a bad thing. Getting involved in X-Division, ...
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  2. My view on the TNA talent!

    Hey all! This is my first ever blog, so be nice!
    These are my opinions on the talent roster listed on the TNA website, as of 2:30pm UK time, 19th August!

    ABYSS: Fantastic worker for a big man, better as a heel! solid on the mic, similar to Kane in that he doesn't need to be in the main event to play a big role for the company

    AJ STYLES: Mr TNA. One of the best ...

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