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  1. Nexus: Good but not the Sh*t!

    As the title says, I have enjoyed the Nexus angle a lot, and like that new stars are being pushed however I do think that because the WWE hasn’t come up with anything original or indeed slightly exciting in years the Nexus have been seen as the saviours but again WWE is becoming sloppy and boring with the story writing.

    It kind of seems as though some ones gone, hmmmm CM Punk has ...
  2. Kane Vs Taker Fued

    just my idea on how this fued should go:

    To be honest I'm glad that Kane is getting the camera time and championship title that he deserves, I was a huge Kane fan back in the attitude days and the way they have destroyed his character makes me feel sick. I'm not saying that is all WWE's fault, Kane himself has clearly let himself go and isn’t as quick and powerful as he was 10 years ...

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