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  1. PG isn't the problem

    HELLO IWC!! TNA's newest creative writer (we all wish) back again.

    I recently (like ten minutes ago) read a post entitled "I miss the good old days". The post was about the Y2J/HHH 2000 match when Y2J won the WWF title but HHH had the referee reverse the match. The post commented on the fact that the crowd erupted when Y2J won and then criticized the WWE's PG product.
  2. The Unfair Game of WWE Titles

    I read all these post from people that say "he deserves a title." "no HE deserves a title" and the same names keep coming up.

    The Miz- Out of this ENTIRE list of people I'm about to go through, this man has the best chances of becoming a WWE/World Champion.

    Kofi Kingston- yeah this guy was HOT last December, but what has happened? Not a damn thing, ...

    Updated 11-09-2010 at 02:25 PM by Frank

  3. What people forget about wrestling....

    You know, I keep sitting here thinking about how many times TNA has said "they're shaking the foundation" or "breaking into the next level" and then nothing happens...

    I am NOT ANTI-WWE, and I'm NOT ANTI-TNA. If you even somewhat read these boards you know that I am just a wrestling fan who doesn't favorite either.

    ONWARD.... ...
  4. Who dropped the ball?

    I just got done reading a blog about WWE and TNA and the changes they should make. The guy who wrote the blog pointed out that TNA needed to stop signing old guys and focus on newer and brighter talent, but then about three or four sentence's after said TNA needed to sign The World's Greatest Tag Team (WGTT) Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamen.

    After reading that and posting a comment, ...
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