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  1. Macho Man and Co. Stars of Yesterday vs. Today

    I've been thinking a lot since the death of one "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and it made me think of who exactly could be said as the "Macho Man" of the 10's. Now before the bashing begins let me say that when I say the "Macho Man" of today, I don't mean in character comparison I mean in company position.

    That thought made me think of all the other stars of ...

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  2. Top Smackdown Superstars

    So after watching the 3 Disc Top 100 Moments of Smackdown and the Top 50 Superstars of All Time I thought that I’d combine the two and make a list of the superstars that I felt had the biggest pushes of their careers on Smackdown and truly made a name for themselves, or started off on Smackdown and propelled themselves into greatness.

    Brock Lesnar (2002-2004)- While Brock had a small ...

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