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  1. Macho Man and Co. Stars of Yesterday vs. Today

    I've been thinking a lot since the death of one "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and it made me think of who exactly could be said as the "Macho Man" of the 10's. Now before the bashing begins let me say that when I say the "Macho Man" of today, I don't mean in character comparison I mean in company position.

    That thought made me think of all the other stars of ...

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  2. Top Smackdown Superstars

    So after watching the 3 Disc Top 100 Moments of Smackdown and the Top 50 Superstars of All Time I thought that I’d combine the two and make a list of the superstars that I felt had the biggest pushes of their careers on Smackdown and truly made a name for themselves, or started off on Smackdown and propelled themselves into greatness.

    Brock Lesnar (2002-2004)- While Brock had a small ...
  3. Why John Morrison Isn't Ready.

    In the mist of R-Truth becoming the #1 Contender the ENTIRE IWC is a buzz. Some folks like it cause it's new and a shock and think Ron deserves it. Other folks think that it's bull and that he's a piece of crap and that other guys deserve his spot. Other guys like...John Morrison.

    Now before I start this let me first say: I'm a huge JoMo fan. Since he won Tough Enough 3 (you guys remember ...
  4. Countdown to Wrestlemania 27! (pt.3 of 3) FINALE

    Okay people Wrestlemania is now just 24 hours away. And so we come to the finale of our COUNTDOWN TO WRESTLEMANIA 27. This has been super fun to re watch some of these matches and to really put some thought and effort into all of this. SO without further ado the final installment of the count down.

    Wrestlemania 21 (2005)
    Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

    It's not very often ...
  5. Countdown to Wrestlemania 27! (pt.2 of 3)

    So last week we looked at Wrestlemania I-X (85-94) this week we're just going to dive right into Wrestlemania XI-XX (95-04)

    Wrestlemania XI (1995)
    Diesel(c) vs. Shawn Michaels
    WWF Title

    Again, the world of professional wrestling found itself in a slump. Nobody cared about anything that was being done ins ANY federation. But at Wrestlemania XI HBK and Big Daddy Cool ...
  6. Three years after Chris Beniot

    Hey all EWN and IWC readers, I understand that it's been 3 years since the tragic death of Chris Beniot, BUT with the recent release of Chris Jericho's new book "Undisputed" (great read pick it up!) the thought of Chris Beniot has creeped back into people's mind.

    The season of Wrestlemania is upon us, and a name that has become anonymous with Wrestlemania is also Chris Beniot ...

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  7. Too much or too little stories?

    Howdy all again EWN Community. Your favorite TNA Creative Writer back again for another blog/rant.

    Everybody wants to try and pinpoint what's wrong with the wrestling industry today. Lack of talent, direction, and staleness all come to mind. And all valid points.

    I just acquired every WWF (that's WWE for you young folks) Pay Per View from 2001. The dreaded Invasion angle. ...
  8. How to build new superstars in WWE

    Howdy folks! Hope everybody is having an awesome holiday week stay safe, have a DD.

    Lately everybody has been talking about how WWE has no new superstars or doesn't push their under card and how their is a lack of star power. Which arises the question: HOW TO WE PUSH/BUILD THESE GUYS INTO THE MAIN EVENT?!

    And I think I have the answer.
    It's not one you will like, ...
  9. NRB6304 2010 Awards

    So after the Slammy's on RAW I felt the need to post my own awards on here, for viewership, but unlike WWE's award's, mine will NOT be regulated to WWE, but mainly spread throughout WWE and TNA.


    (Before I do, may I just say that these are MY THOUGHTS MY AWARDS! Feel free to agree to disagree!)

    Who I missed the most this year
    Batista ...
  10. WWE's Storyline up to WM 27

    So after my blog "PG Isn't the Problem" one of you guys commented how I would write the WWE.

    Now to be fair I have NO CLUE on whether or not you were actually talking to me personally or just simply asking in general. BUT I'm going to take it you were asking me personally (if you were not I advice you make it more clear lol jk)

    Now as you should all know by ...

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